Blackalicious’ Gift Of Gab Announces Solo EP “Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again!” & Teases New Song

“I’m in a place in my career right now where I’m hearing a lot of talk that Hip Hop   isn’t as lyrical as it once was. “The new batch of songs I’m working on is all about lyricism for heads who love it,” Gab tells DX. I come from the school of Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and rappers that are really intensely rhyming. “I heard Black Thought make a statement about that a while back, so I decided to go in that direction,” he continues. This is where my mind is and I should say it.”
In anticipation of the EP’s April 2017 release, Gab has shared a snippet of “It’s Just Practice,” one of his   first creations of 2017. Rappers Are Rapping Again!, an obvious ‘hallelujah’ to the art of carefully crafted lyricism, something he’s always demonstrated throughout his decades-long career. Bay Area Hip Hop vet Gift of Gab, who is one half of esteemed duo Blackalicious, has announced an upcoming solo EP titled Rejoice! That’s just where I am as a writer and an MC. will set in motion a string of exciting musical events that will propel him towards 2018 and beyond. Although the song is not featured on the forthcoming project,   “It’s Just Practice” comes as a free download once fans go to the website and   sign up for the newsletter. “The music is not literally for other rappers only, but people who are really into the art of rhyming will appreciate it. Check out a snippet of the song below and cop it   here. Rappers Are Rapping Again! Rejoice! With this new slew of music I am doing, it’s almost like I’m rhyming for other rappers.