Ja Rule Denies Fault But Admits Responsibility For Fyre Strugglefest

— Kyle Stevens (@thekylestevens) April 28, 2017

This is hilarious ??the "luxury" dinner Ja Rule gave his festival goers https://t.co/9GqDypIUig
— isaiah edoho (@IEdoho171) April 28, 2017

@Ruleyork pic.twitter.com/Llf5XWlI9Q
— Mac McCann (@MacMcCannTX) April 28, 2017

@Ruleyork This is "NOT MY FAULT… but I'm taking responsibility"
…so it IS your fault? It is getting me through the day. As for Ja Rule, he’d better get a flameproof publicist sooner rather than later. Ja: Hold my bread and Kraft cheese styrofoam plate … #fyrefestival pic.twitter.com/Y2UIPaeqSg
— Gene Park (@GenePark) April 28, 2017

Yo ???…
I'm looking at all these #FyreFestival tweets, and IMMEDIATELY thought of this…pic.twitter.com/CsNRPJOpZg
— Ziggy (@colortheghost) April 28, 2017

@Ruleyork .@Ruleyork OMG. In a Twitter post that appears to be the statement before the actual statement, Jeffrey Atkins explained how he was attempting to make sense of the situation, which left attendees and tourists with nothing but disaster tents for shelter and slices of bread with processed cheese and dressing-less salad for nourishment. #FyreFestival pic.twitter.com/ZsnddqLrpP
— Katie Scott (@KatieScottNews) April 28, 2017

@Ruleyork United: We're literally the worst at apologizing. The Fyre Festival social media accounts have been exercising heavy damage control, with the official Instagram account shuttering the comment function on its images, while the   Twitter account has been scrubbed of any tweets aside from apologies and excuses. @Ruleyork So like…why aren't you in the Bahamas with the rest of the concertgoers then? — William LeGate (@williamlegate) April 28, 2017

JaRule really trapped all those rich youths on an island and then set it on fire what a populist icon
— JuanPa (@jpbrammer) April 28, 2017

@Ruleyork pic.twitter.com/vP0WhSPuiR
— BIGNOAH (@BIGNOAH256) April 28, 2017

@Ruleyork i'm literally cackling at "NOT MY FAULT…..but i'm taking responsibility" lmfaoooooooooooooo
— abdul ? (@Advil) April 28, 2017 EXUMAS, BAHAMAS – The epic failure that was the Bahamas Fyre Festival has been international news all day and headliner Ja Rule is stepping out in front of the hail of e-fire bullets to shoulder some of the blame. “I will make a statement soon I’m heartbroken at this moment my partners and I wanted this to be an amazing event it was NOT A SCAM as everyone is reporting I don’t know how everything went so left but I’m working to make it right by making sure everyone is refunded… I truly apologize as this is NOT MY FAULT… but I’m taking responsibility I’m deeply sorry to everyone who was inconvenienced by this…”
— Ja Rule (@Ruleyork) April 28, 2017

While Ja’s words appeared to be heartfelt, calling the fallout from the event an “inconvenience” may be attempting to soften the reality of the situation. Not only did bad weather conditions add to the lousy living situations of unassembled tents and no power, but attendees uploaded photos of their luggage being mishandled, adding to the chaos. And expect another story from us if 50 Cent gets wind of this. Thanks Ja Rule! “We are working right now on getting everyone [off] the island SAFE that is my immediate concern,” the rap star turned overnight disaster relief agent began. #fyrefestival
— Donovan (@shinynewbuttons) April 28, 2017

Fyre Festival in theory vs Fyre Festival in reality pic.twitter.com/ilq2gQDgKE
— Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan) April 28, 2017

@Ruleyork I forgot what songs you sang but I'm glad you put this all together. This is the only way I'm apologizing from this moment on: pic.twitter.com/zxlwBc1ITF
— Omri (@Omri_Rawrlan) April 28, 2017

Ja Rule got a bunch of affluent kids at #fyrefestival eating struggle sandwiches wit no cell service I'm in bed laughing till I choke
— CaLL Me KoFi (@ForeverKofi) April 28, 2017

@Ruleyork We been knowing to not trust you on anything unless Ashanti is involved since 2001
— Tyler Conway (@jtylerconway) April 28, 2017

If you told me yesterday that Ja Rule would start a prison camp for Instagram kids in the Bahamas, I woulda called you mad.