Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival In The Bahamas Declared “A Disaster” By Attendees

Finley IV, described Fyre Fest as “a complete disaster” and “a disaster tent city.” In one photo Finley shared, luggage appears to be distributed out of a storage container. With no lights. Blink 182, a group set to headline, has reportedly already backed out of the festival. FOR THOSE CURRENTLY ON GREAT EXUMA We are working to comfortably accommodate guests and deliver a great experience. Your ticket and any funds uploaded to your RFID band will be refunded. The social media accounts from a number of attendees yesterday (April 27) paint a less luxurious picture of the festival. Additionally, “all inbound charter flights to the Exumas have been canceled,” and those unable to make it to the island will receive refunds. #fyrefestival pic.twitter.com/I8d0UlSNbd
— Tr3vor (@trev4president) April 28, 2017

Additionally, flights to the Exumas from Miami were reportedly halted due to the island being over capacity. While mayhem is sometimes common, the Fyre Festival in the Exumas, Bahamas has taken festival struggle to new levels. Finley IV (@WNFIV) April 27, 2017

This is how Fyre Fest handles luggage. In case you're wondering, those "cabanas" are actually disaster relief tents.#fyrefestival pic.twitter.com/jaZpkIKVT2
— Matt Halfhill (@MattHalfhill) April 28, 2017

And the food doesn’t look much better. FOR THOSE WITH PENDING TRAVEL TO THE EXUMAS TOMORROW Due to circumstances beyond our control, and in line with a culture of safety, all inbound charter flights to the Exumas have been canceled. Mass chaos. No organization. Revised itinerary information will be shared soon for the remainder of this weekend and weekend two. One Twitter user, William N. So Fyre Fest is a complete disaster. A post shared by FYRE FESTIVAL (@fyrefestival) on Apr 27, 2017 at 11:20pm PDT pic.twitter.com/1lSWtnk7cA
— William N. Just drop it out of a shipping container. Things got off to an unexpected start at day one of Fyre Festival. If you have needs, please head to the "BLUE HOUSE" on the main festival site. Security, first aid, and Fyre Festival staff are here to assist immediately, 24/7. The dinner that @fyrefestival promised us was catered by Steven Starr is literally bread, cheese, and salad with dressing. Tickets prices to the festival, which was co-created by rapper Ja Rule, reached the thousands. An Instagram account for Fyre Fest has revealed that they are “working to comfortably accommodate guests and deliver a great experience” for those already on the island. There are no villas, just a disaster tent city. At night. Finley IV (@WNFIV) April 28, 2017

A side-by-side photo one Twitter user shared of the “geodesic domes” and tents used for disaster relief shows eerie similarities. It’s unclear if other artists have or will follow suit. Exumas, Bahamas – Given the scale of most music festivals, it’s not uncommon for a fest to have its fair share of glitches, human error, and overall bad luck. Thank you for bearing with us as we work through the growing pains that every first year event experiences. #fyrefestival pic.twitter.com/X5CdZRyJWo
— William N. No one knows where to go. Described as “a cultural moment created from a blend of music, art, and food,” the Fyre Festival was to boast a luxury experience for attendees, with transportation provided via a VIP configured Boeing 737 aircraft and lodging in geodesic domes. Taking place from April 28 – 30 (and later May 5 – 7), the Fyre Fest boasts a solid lineup of artists, including Lil Yachty, Major Lazer, and Kaytranada.