Kendrick Lamar Accused Of Biting Rapper D.Zign On “DNA.”

#KendrickLamar’s new track #DNA sounds a whole lot like this rapper ‘D.Zign’s’ song ‘I Got’, which dropped months ago What do you guys think???”

??Whoa…. (@theartistdzign) on Apr 26, 2017 at 9:26am PDT

On first listen, the flows are certainly a little similar, but to call this a case of clear-cut biting seems like a bit of a stretch. Dot’s most popular songs from his new album DAMN. #canigetone #dotitent #watts #Artist #newartist #hiphop #kendricklamar #dna #igotigotigot #TheArtistDzign #jayzmeme #jayz #memes #kendrickmeme #dapper #conversation
A post shared by D.Zign aka Mr. A short clip has appeared on Instagram comparing it to the track “I Got I Got I Got” by a rapper named D.Zign. We’ll leave both tracks below for you to decide. #CanIGetOne ☝? TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! After all, “I Got I Got I Got” dropped in 2015 and has roughly 370 listens on Soundcloud, which begs the question as to how Kendrick would have heard it. Biting has been a bit of a hot topic lately, most notably with XXXTENTACION accusing Drake of jacking his flow. CLICK THE LINK IN THE BIO TO HEAR "I GOT, I GOT, I GOT" TO COMPARE THE 2 SONGS, THEARTISTDZIGN ON SOUNDCLOUD OR HEAR A SIDE BY SIDE PLAY ON @airheadfame PAGE! #TeaTENDERS via @theartistdzign @airheadfame
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D.Zign has spoken on the issue himself, posting a meme to Instagram to the same effect, and writing on Facebook: “So… Kendrick just gonna steal my shit on his ‘DNA.’ song?”

GM PEOPLE!! The track in question is “DNA.,” one of K. The Insta post bears the question: “Whoa…. #KendrickLamar's new track #DNA sounds a whole lot like this rapper "D.Zign's" song "I Got", which dropped months ago ? What do you guys think??? However, there’s no denying that the similarity in the flow (and of course the prominence of the phrase “I got, I got, I got” in both songs) means it’s worth asking the question. Now it seems like the knives are out for Kendrick Lamar.