Kodak Black’s Lawyer Doesn’t Expect Rapper To Get Prison Time

He was facing assault charges brought against him by a bartender at the club, but he was acquitted. Fort Lauderdale, FL – After he was found guilty of violating his probation earlier this week, Kodak Black could be facing up to eight years in prison, but his lawyer,   Raven Ramona Liberty, says she does not expect that to be her client’s sentence. Instead, it has been suggested that he continues anger management classes, which he was kicked out of recently for being disruptive and gassy. Speaking with Bossip, Liberty explained that there are several sentencing options with the prison term being the most severe. He is also facing charges for criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina and is out on $100,000 bond in that case. It debuted at #3   on the Billboard 200 chart. “I have the utmost faith in God that he will be out on the fourth and will start the tour,” Liberty said, noting Kodak Black’s age. “Fortunately he has the money to pay for attorneys. She believes the 19-year-old Florida rapper will receive something along the lines of his probation being extended or reinstated. Project Baby is scheduled to tour with Future and Migos on the Nobody’s Safe Tour, which starts May 4. Kodak Black’s debut album,   Painting Pictures,   was released while he was in jail. I don’t think sitting in jail is the correct punishment.”
The “Tunnel Vision” rapper violated his probation by going to a Miami strip club and attending a boxing match in Ohio. But this happens all the time to young men in his situation. The attorney also highlights that Kodak Black’s own probation officer has not recommended   a prison term. As of now, he is in jail until his next hearing that day.