Lil’ Kim – Answering Machine Skit 2 Lyrics

I’m looking foward to spending some of these millions! But uumm, we gon’ knock it down, you a Jones God damn it, you got Jones in your blood, you gon’ do that man, you gon’ knock that bullet right in the ass
Kim what up? Talk to you in a minute,peace! Just waiting for you to get back up in here so we can make another classic,you know what i mean? Listen,call me when you get this i need to talk to you it’s real real real real important. It’s Sugar Shav here, imma call you every motherfucking day and play a new motherfucking beat on your phone, you heard? But this shit is on fire, call me! It’s Kev Lars. Yo Kim what’s good? My name’s Nigel motherfucker,your bootlegger. I got Donald Trump called earlier this morning wants to know what’s up, when you gon’ go in with him half partners on this hotel. It’s Sha man, whassup? Any lil’ extra com you need i got that black car for you it’s nothing and matter of fact imma hold them royalty checks, put them in a little stock and bond so when you out of there you’re all good. You got a banger i heard the ablum is exceptional, y’know i’m saying? Word! peace! You know, call me back when you get a chance baby girl, i’m just missing you, wanna give you an update, you know me, i know you listening to the voicemail. ‘aight? [Phone rings]
[Kim’s voicemail]
Hey what’s up? Ayo you never answer your motherfucking phone, it’s you boy Ado, you know. What up Kimmy? Yo Kim it’s your brother man, just calling (Ay what up Kim?) saying God damn, we gotta do this bullet. Yo Kim what up? And then you got Bill Gates calling on the computer stuff. Yo Kim this Julie Greenwald calling. It’s Hill. I see you ain’t answering the phone but uumm..hold your head while you in there i know is nothing you a soldier, holla at your boy. You keep talking she’s walking You gotta call me man, pick up the phone call me, we gotta lock some shit down while you’re away. Sha-Dash
Yo Kim, pick up, what up? I bootleg everything! What the fuck is wrong with you motherfuckers? But you so hot you might have a cell in there, so give me a call back,aight? Yo i just got back on the real, y’know i’m saying. I got Halle Berry dying to be in your next video. Leave me a massage and i’ll get back to you! Everybody is calling me, this album is fucking off the hook. Holla at your boy. I done told you that before motherfucker. Rundell calling me every five minutes, like he needs answers, i just need you to call me when you get this it’s real important, aight? Oh shit, i forgot, call me back, i guess you’ll call me back when you get that quarter.