It might be time for the rapper to bump up his match against Breezy. According to TMZ, the musician-turned-Chris Brown nemesis is already behind on rent and is now dodging his landlord, despite moving into his Hollywood Hills home just a few months ago. He leased his home for $6,000 a month, and is currently $6,000 behind. If Soulja doesn’t pay up in a matter of days, his landlord is prepared to take legal action against the rapper. Hollywood, CA – Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy has been a magnet for bad news this week, and his luck has shown no signs of getting any better. News of Soulja’s financial troubles comes   the same week   his Los Angeles home was burglarized, where   a crook made off with $10,000 in cash and $12,000 in jewelry after busting down Soulja’s front door while the musician was out. Soulja’s latest issue   comes courtesy of his landlord.

— vee (@Nesssaac_) January 13, 2017

I'm so mad about iTunes taking off Aaliyah… Like wyd wyd :/
— two twenty six ?? (@artofianej) January 13, 2017

#justice for #Aaliyah #music #vevo #apple #itunes it's time dammit!!! I don’t think you’ll see it there long.” In the end, Aaliyah’s hits were online for less than 24 hours. — ? (@SunnyBanks_) January 13, 2017

Soooo my Aaliyah album won't play on my MacBook iTunes.
— aniyaaaa (@akanicea) January 13, 2017

iTunes was sneaky with the Aaliyah release and snatched it up quick fast. when itunes takes down the only aaliyah album besides aanban the day after they released it. — Brendan Mac (@BrendanMacNews) January 13, 2017

Lmao that aaliyah album was uploaded to iTunes/Apple Music illegally and was removed. Barry Hankerson, Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager, does not want her back catalog to be released digitally, according to Complex. Much   of the R&B starlet’s catalog has been conspicuously absent from streaming services, so yesterday’s upload was seen as a victory for fans of the singer, who died in a plane crash in 2001. I thought somebody was just talking when they said it's a spam lol
— ???‍????‍? (@BaeBLove) January 13, 2017

I'm mad they snatched Aaliyah music off itunes again
— Mo (@Zauliebaby) January 13, 2017

— LaDavid (@TRAEANNAA) January 13, 2017

Was so pumped to purchase #Aaliyah's greatest-hits on #iTunes, but it was REMOVED, in less-than a day. Aaliyah fans were left disappointed after her Ultimate hits collection   was removed from iTunes and Apple Music — just hours after it had been uploaded. As it turns out, the music was uploaded to Apple’s streaming services illegally and without permission. Rell Lafargue, the COO of Reservoir Media told Complex, “Our lawyers are handling it. i've lost all hope.
— CHRIS LEE CAREY (@chrisleecarey) January 13, 2017

Aaliyah’s first album,   Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number,   is still available on iTunes and Apple Music, as well as Spotify. Unsurprisingly, fans of the R&B icon were left crushed once the oversight was rectified. So annoying. Craze Productions, the company responsible, doesn’t own any of the rights to Aaliyah’s music, although that didn’t stop them from doing the same thing in 2013, which ultimately led to a lawsuit   and the removal of the songs. Similarly, the company that does hold the rights to Aaliyah’s music has also put paid to the idea that Aaliyah’s music was supposed to go up.

Big Soulja vs chris brown was so last week… this beef with Drake n meek forever lit (more info in link in bio- YT)
A video posted by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on Jan 12, 2017 at 3:22pm PST

Rappers all over have been suggesting their own boxing matches since Big Soulja and Breezy started talking about handling their issues inside the ring.   Move   over Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. In an apparent Facebook Live video, Meek Mill claims that he would “break Drizzy the fuck up for $5 mill.”

#meekmill says for $5,000,000 he'll beat #drake the f*ck up!!! Meek Mill versus Drake is just the latest speculative bout. After that, the 6 God wrecked the Philly rapper back to back, both in song form and in literal form as Meek became the ubiquitous symbol for taking an “L.”
The newly single Dreamchasers boss even offered up his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj to be the ring card girl for the match. “Y’all would pay $100 a ticket for that.”
Yes, the world would absolutely love to see Meek and Drake go at it pound for pound. “Y’all would come and see that fight wouldn’t y’all?” Meek asks in the above video clip. It’s a fight that’s been a long time coming ever since Meek accused Drake in 2015 of using a ghostwriter. Kodak Black offered to fight Lil Wayne   over the “best rapper alive” title,   22 Savage wanted to box his namesake 21 Savage   for that title, and   RiFF RAFF wanted fisticuffs with 50 Cent for $2 million, because why not? And #nickiminaj can be the ring girl….. YALL send this to @50cent. Mann let's get this sh*t cracking ..

Mayweather went on ESPN’s First Take to explain why Dubai wouldn’t be a possibility for the upcoming boxing match and Wack 100 stepped in to make a few clarifications. I already got paperwork on one of the fighters already. No disrespect,” he says. Soulja spoke on his “membership” with Floyd on Hollywood Unlocked. He also says that neither Floyd Mayweather   nor 50 Cent are needed for the fight and confirms that Mike Tyson is directly involved. It’s so serious,   Kelly Price is slated to sing the national anthem the day of the showdown. Watch Wack 100 explain the politics of Soulja Boy and Chris Brown’s upcoming fight below. Don’t count Dubai out. So at the end of the day, the Dubai situation, that’s something that I’ve put together. Wack, who also happens to manage Ray J and The Game, tells TMZ that this is a West Coast thing and the fight will be going to Dubai. “Floyd and 50 ain’t never controlled nothing that’s a West Coast situation. “It would be hard for me to control something that’s New York-based and 50’s involved. Los Angeles, CA – Soulja Boy’s promoter Wack 100 went on record to let everybody know that although it may appear that Floyd Mayweather is running the fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, he is not. It’s Piru business right now.”
Both Soulja and Breezy claim to be affiliates of the West Coast Piru Blood gang. The love for Floyd is there but Wack says he’s just “a guy from Michigan who lives in Vegas.” He hopes that everyone else has more respect for the situation because he means serious business.

No,   he won’t be playing the title role, and would instead play the father of the children who befriend the elephant with a talent for flying,   reports Variety. Live-action reboots of classic animated films have proven successful, and that seems to be the impetus for recent films like The Jungle Book and the upcoming Emma Stone live-action version of 101   Dalmatians. The publication notes that Smith’s last film, Collateral Beauty, didn’t fare well during its holiday season release but suggests that a pairing with Burton could lead to huge returns for the two. Sources also say Tom Hanks has been offered the role of the villainous Ringmaster. Smith is also working toward an official filming start date for the Bad Boys For Life sequel with Bad Boys co-star Martin Lawrence, accord to   Deadline. Hollywood, CA – Will Smith is now in talks with Disney studios for a role in the live-action version of the 1941 animated classic   fable Dumbo — naturally calling to attention the veteran actor/rapper’s ears. The studios are rushing to make this film a reality, with quirky director Tim Burton at the helm, who has had exceptional success in adaptations   of old children’s stories including   the billion-dollar-grossing Alice In Wonderland.

At this year’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony, Atlanta walked away with two honors for its first season on-air. The highly-anticipated second season of Donald Glover’s comedy series Atlanta won’t air until 2018, FX   announced earlier today (January 12). Although the next installment of Atlanta won’t air until 2018, Migos’ Quavo is already eyeing a role in the show’s second season: “I hope [Childish Gambino] hit my phone, I hope we can do season two,” the ATL rapper   said during a recent interview with The Progress Report. The show beat out Black-ish and Veep, among others, to win Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, while Glover took home the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy. During his acceptance speech at this past Sunday’s awards ceremony, Gambino gave a gracious thank you to Migos for nothing more than giving the world “Bad and Boujee,” which is currently #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The series is being put on hold due to Glover’s packed production schedule, which includes his portrayal of Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo   Star Wars   movie, also slated for a 2018 release.

Thug said he simply forgot about the initial court date, but that doesn’t explain fully why he missed today’s appearance. The Atlanta rapper’s woes began when cops recognized him in a busy mall and realized he skipped court over the tints. Atlanta, GA – Young Thug got himself into a bit of trouble last month while out shopping at an Atlanta mall just ahead of Christmas when a police officer arrested him for skipping court over excessive tinting of his car windows. In other recent news, Thugger appeared   next to longtime associate Lil Duke for his “Stand Up Niggas” single and video. The officers arrested Thug and paraded through the mall with the requisite   walk of shame, which afterward he posted a $500 ball and moved on. The “Pick Up The Phone” artist once again skipped court over the matter earlier today (January 12) and now an arrest warrant has been put out to bring Young Thug in, TMZ reports.

“That’s why I’m working so hard on this album, not to please others, but I’m just really trying, bro, to show people that, like, I’m not just fucking bad! “My fans are so loyal and dedicated that I don’t care that much about winning people over, but I know it’s gonna change and people will eventually give my shit a chance, bro,” the 19-year-old says. I’m not making fun of Hip Hop or being disrespectful. The Atlanta rapper explains the importance of staying true to himself in the album process even when people, including Pete Rock and Anderson .Paak, have said Hip Hop is being tarnished by his happy-go-lucky style. It’s not play rap, it’s as real as anything.”
Much of the criticism has come from Yachty being honest about not being familiar with legends including 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. … I’m not a joke. Lil Yachty is preparing his debut album and announced that it will be called   Teenage Emotions   in a cover story for MTV. He explains that every genre, using the example of rock music, has different sounds and layers, so he is confused as to why Hip Hop has to be “hardcore, street, storytelling, the struggle.”
“People say I’m destroying Hip Hop, and I’m like, there’s so much Hip Hop, and it’s so popular, so I don’t know why I have the power to destroy it,” he says. Teenage Emotions   will come after Yachty dropped his   Lil Boat   mixtape in March and then signed to Quality Control.

MIKExANGEL (produced by @realskmusic)
Sho Nuff (produced by Sean Momberger x Lee Major x LVM of Nasty Beat Makers)
MIKExANGEL – Anxious (Bonus) Dave East (produced by Rex Kudo)
If It Ain’t Love f. Trey Songz is teasing fans who are awaiting his new album with his   Anticipation III   mixtape. MIKExANGEL (produced by @realskmusic x Anthony Snoog Wright)
I Got The Time (produced by Nizzy x Farsi)
Gonna Be f. MIKExANGEL (produced by Mogul)
Find My Love f. Justine Darcenne x MIKExANGEL (produced by Squat Beats x Keyz)
Make It All f. hotel and trashing the stage at a performance in Detroit. Trey Songz’   Anticipation III mixtape stream is above and check out the cover art and tracklist below. At the end of 2016, he explained the delay between projects to 106 KMEL. MIKExANGEL (produced by Nizzy x Farsi x Deats)
Mind Fuckin f. “Everybody takes everything in so fast and then they’re on   to the next thing, so I want to figure out how to hold people’s attention.”
The R&B singer also released the   Trappy New Years   mixtape with Fabolous to celebrate the holiday, but lately has made a lot of headlines for things other than music, including lashing out at a D.C. “Nowadays music is so like fast food, in content in general — not just music,” he said. A3 f. Dave East appears on “93 Unleaded.”

Trigga Trey promised his   Tremaine album this year, his first LP since 2015’s   Trigga Reloaded. MIKExANGEL (produced by Mogul)
Vibrator f. The 11-track project features fellow Virginia artist MIKExANGEL and is produced by Nizzy and Farsi, Mogul and $K. MIKExANGEL x Chisanity x Justine Darcenne (produced by @realskmusic)
93 Unleaded f.

He also takes the responsibility on his own shoulders saying, “I ain’t one to cast no stone, but I know when to stop … understand the power we have as cultural leaders out here to send out these positive vibes and energy.”
As his tirade reaches its climax, he finally starts to collect himself before explaining, “I just love this Hip Hop culture and I’m scared the direction it’s going … we have some of the most brilliant minds in the world, but something has to change. We’re going in the wrong direction.”
Watch the full five-minute video above. The Hip Hop mogul jumped on Snapchat to go off on the current state of the culture, or lack thereof. I’m not even saying anything about it because   I am just so burnt out.”
He then goes on to assert young kids “don’t even know what Hip Hop is,” before recommending they check out some Hip Hop documentaries on Netflix or YouTube. “I ain’t got the time, I ain’t got the time, I ain’t got the time, ” Puffy begins. While he definitely makes his   point, he isn’t just pointing fingers. Diddy’s Snapchat – Puff Daddy, P. The culture is getting killed. “If it ain’t about going up, about being positive, about getting some money, and loving God … too much buffoonery and coonery going on. While the rant comes on the heels of the drama between 50 Cent, Soulja Boy, Chris Boy, et al., he doesn’t mention them by name, but it’s safe to assume it most likely sparked some of his intense feelings. Diddy, Sean Combs, Diddy — whatever you prefer to call him — apparently has some heavy things weighing on his heart.

Casey Veggies also gets his first certification with a gold nod for his “Tied Up” single. This is the independent artist’s first plaque. This means the North Carolina rapper’s fourth studio LP sold 500,000 units and is half-way to being certified platinum with no features. Oh, and Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” with Charlie Puth is officially seven times platinum, selling seven million units. Gold plaques also go to French Montana and Drake’s “No Shopping,” Travis Scott’s “Goosebumps” and “3500,” Kehlani’s “Gangsta,” Kevin Gates’ “Time for That,” Lil Uzi Vert’s “You Was Right” and Russ’s “What They Want.”
Platinum certifications go out to Young Thug and Travis Scott for “Pick Up the Phone” and 21 Savage and Metro Boomin for “No Heart.”
Future picks up a handful of nods as “Rich $ex,” “Thought It Was a Drought” and “Trap Niggas” are certified gold while “Stick Talk” is platinum and his collaboration with Drake “Where Ya At” is double platinum. Cole’s last album,   2014 Forest Hills Drive, was certified platinum with no features in 2015 and was the first project in 25 years to sell one million units without a listed guest appearance. Cole’s   4 Your Eyez Only album is certified gold, according to the RIAA. J. It has since gone double platinum. Other certifications listed by the RIAA include Joey Bada$$’s “Devastated” single going gold with half a million units. 4 Your Eyez Only debuted at the top of Billboard’s 200 albums chart when it dropped last month and   all 10 tracks charted in the Top 40 of the Hot 100 list.

“LP IS DONE !!!!! (The post was last updated on Nov 27, 2016)
After a quiet 2016, Wu-Tang Clan’s resident chef Raekwon will be back cooking with new music next year, according to a post on his Instagram account. The LP will be released through ICEH20/Empire Records. # 2017 release litted !!!!! Since then he’s also dropped more than a dozen mixtapes, as well as the Wu-Massacre collaborative album with Ghostface Killah and Method Man in 2010. # flexin backstage …
A photo posted by Raekwon The Chef (@raekwon) on Jul 3, 2016 at 9:18pm PDT Big up @foolsgoldrecs… x @atrak ….coolin out. “FYI album date will be released on a later date it’s not March 10th and also my middle name ain’t Quontrell either lol,” he wrote, with the latter being a reference to his Wikipedia page. Today, January 12, marks the 47th birthday of the Wu-Tang Clan’s most fly and luxurious member, Raekwon. One thing’s for certain, however. I will always appreciate real rap…..#factual” he wrote in the caption of a shot of himself getting a trim from the barber. # 2017 release litted !!!!! LP IS DONE !!!!! #imzooted
A photo posted by Raekwon The Chef (@raekwon) on Nov 13, 2016 at 1:12pm PST

Chef x @justinbieber …….on the cool out! Officially unveiling The Wild as his seventh studio album, the artwork (created by Dan Lish) depicts the Staten Island rap legend in an urban concrete jungle of sorts, towering over personified animals. Peep below for Raekwon’s The Wild cover art. But he’s the one giving the gift out to the fans, as he’s taken to social media to make good on his promise that his new music would be arriving for the new year. #blades is sharpened. His most recent release, 2015’s Fly International Luxurious Art, came out after a long lead-up and earned him a 3.5/5 in DX’s review, where contributor Homer Johnsen wrote, “He certainly isn’t at fault for thinking outside the box, but considering the anticipation and buzz generated for any Raekwon product – especially F.I.L.A.— the finished product doesn’t quite match the overwhelming talent and legacy of the legendary emcee.”
That album featured guest spots from Ghostface Killah, 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, French Montana and A$AP Rocky, among others. I will always appreciate real rap…..#factual
A photo posted by Raekwon The Chef (@raekwon) on Nov 23, 2016 at 5:55pm PST

This new LP will be Rae’s seventh solo studio effort since his Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… debut in 1995. #blades is sharpened. So far, Rae hasn’t released any feature details on the upcoming project, though he toured with Ghostface over the summer and his IG shows him pictured with producer/record exec/turntablist A-Trak and, uh, Justin Bieber. Early reports also claimed the album was to be released on March 10, 2017 but The Chef debunked those rumblings on Twitter.

In a   recent filing from the plan, the G-Unit general listed his sources of income. 50 Cent is now in the aftermath of his bankruptcy saga and he’s committed to a 5-year, $23 million payment plan to his debtors. $769.34 to be exact. But the label continues to make moves as it just announced signing Uncle Murda to its roster and Kidd Kidd is preparing his   Peanut From Mazant   EP. TMZ obtained his November bank statement and shared that 50 made less than $1,000 per month from G-Unit Records. Other dough that’s coming in for 50 is from music royalties, $33,361.02 worth, and a   $16.68 residual check from   The Simpsons for an appearance on the 2005 episode “Pranksta Rap.”
50 is paying a total of   $113,103.56 per month to his creditors, including child support payments of $1,267 to Daphne Joy and $7,497 to   Shaniqua Tompkins.

As far as his own fight with Granados, Broner says his maturity over the last couple of years will show this time around. Before his own challenge, Broner is following in the footsteps of his mentor Floyd Mayweather, promoting a fight between newly crowned IBF Champion Robert Easter Jr. I got personal relationships with both of these guys. Meek Mill, also noting that he thinks Meek Mill would come out victorious. They both are my friends and you know, Soulja Boy is a street guy. “I’ve just been staying more focused, on task and positive. “I’m doing things differently. While nothing has been set in stone, what we know so far is this:
—Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are supposed to fight. When asked which two rappers he would like to see square off Broner said Drake Vs. When it comes to [the point where] you gotta shoot somebody he’s gonna do that, but when it comes to the real deal, throwing hands and knowing what you’re doing, I’m with Chris Brown cause I personally know that Chris Brown can really fight,” said Broner. —One proposed undercard is 21 Savage Vs. —Kodak Black also got inspired to challenge Lil Wayne to the ring, which he thinks will somehow determine who the better rapper is (still processing that one). That’s his persona. and Luis Cruz which takes place in Toledo, OH on February 10. Now I’m starting to follow directions and go right,” noted the Ohio-bred fighter who stands at 32-2-1. Los Angeles, CA – With his own fight coming up against Adrian Granados on February 18 at the Cintas Center in Cincinnati Ohio, former four-division world champion Adrien Broner took a minute to talk to HipHopDX about another heavily talked about fight: Chris Brown vs. —Mike Tyson is training Chris Brown. 22 Savage. Soulja Boy. —The Pay-Per-View bout might happen in Dubai. —The fight has inspired Riff Raff to challenge 50 Cent to the ring for $2 million. I used to go, like even if the direction said go right I’d go left. I know the last year there’s been a lot of negativity around Adrien Broner’s name but now I’m just trying to stay clean and stay positive.”

Embed from Getty Images

Pound For Pound: Having conquered Ashley Theophane last April, Broner looks to the same to Adrian Granados come February 18 at the Cintas Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Broner, who knows both of them personally got right to the point when we asked his thoughts on the two entertainers squaring off. —50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are involved in promotions. “I personally know both.

Birds went #1 Very proud Tour soon Thank you to fans Astroworld 2017
— TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) December 31, 2016

The Houston rapper expressed his desire to make this third studio album his best yet, speaking in a recent XXL interview about the project in largely philosophical terms:   “In almost every album I feel like I’m chasing this thing. @travisscott WE LIT LIL BITCH ???? #HEAVYCAMP #CMG
A video posted by Blac Youngsta (@blacyoungstafb) on Jan 10, 2017 at 3:25pm PST

The recent promo definitely has Travis fans   hyped, but there’s still a long way to go before the end of 2017. To others it might sound like drugs, to some people it might sound like love, to some people it might sound like success. The list includes songs called “Left Cheek, Right Cheek” (a preview of which dropped more than a year ago) and another called “Might Go” (the presumed name of the clip Travis shared above). It’s just this happiness thing I’m trying to find.”
He also revealed that the album is named after a Six Flags theme park in Houston that shut down in 2005. Travis Scott is one of few human beings on Planet Earth who can actually claim to have had a good 2016. Scott was talking about Astroworld   before BITTSM   had even dropped, and now it seems he’s locked in for a 2017 release (although his last album   was delayed   several times). travis scott's 2017 shit sounding CRAZY ? ? ?
— Genius (@Genius) January 9, 2017

He also pledged to up his production skills in the new year. Genius also speculates on features from Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee, Blac Youngsta and Maxo Cream. A photo posted by flame (@travisscott) on Jan 11, 2017 at 6:27pm PST

As for how the album is going to sound, many suspect that Scott will be collaborating with Swedish rapper Yung Lean   once more, judging by an Instagram post Travis put up last November. This year I'm making more beats
— TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) December 31, 2016

A snippet of a track reportedly called “Love Galore” with SZA has also appeared online, though it remains a definite possibility that the cut comes from SZA’s album, which is   expected from TDE in 2017. "Love Galore" by SZA featuring Travis ?
— TRAVIS SCOTT FANS ? (@LaflameScott) January 12, 2017

This next part may be a case of overexcitement, but Genius also has a speculation page going about who’s going to feature on the album, as well as a mostly empty tracklist. @yunglean2001
A photo posted by flame (@travisscott) on Nov 16, 2016 at 4:24pm PST

The rapper has also shared some of what he’s been working on through his own Snapchat account, and the world is in pretty clear consensus that it bangs. First off, the release date. His Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight   debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart and fans have been excited for the follow-up since he hinted at it back in May. Now that 2017 is well and truly under way, it’s time to piece together what we know about Scott’s upcoming   Astroworld.

He is bringing Brotha Lynch Hung as well as fellow Strange Music artists Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone and Ces Cru along for the ride. Tech N9ne hasn’t released the dates for the Strictly Strange Tour yet, but says fans can get the latest updates at his website. The Kansas City mogul shared via press release that he will be performing 68 shows in 74 days. Strange Music is planning on dropping 13 albums this year, according to the tour press release. Kaliko shared his R&B album,   Go, in April while Stevie Stone’s last full-length release was 2015’s   Malta Bend   and he is setting up an April drop for his new project. Tech N9ne put an exclamation mark on 2016 with   The Storm debuting at #12 on Billboard’s 200 albums chart. View the Strictly Strange Tour flier below. The label boss also received two gold single certifications last year. Ces Cru is preparing to release its   Catastrophic Event Specialists LP in February, their first album since 2014’s   Codename: Ego Stripper. Coming off the wave of his latest album,   The Storm, Tech N9ne is ready to blitz through 2017 with the Strictly Strange Tour.

watch them drop music together & yall be so interested bc they were an "item"
— Maddy Breeding (@MaddyBreeding) January 7, 2017

So nicki minaj is single and drake is fake dating j lo smh. See what happens when you try to stunt on your ex? J Lo and Drake rlly tried to pull a publicity stunt & no one cared lol
— ash (@AshanaeA) January 12, 2017

Drake & J Lo being together is 100% a publicity stunt.. Showing fake love straight up to our faces
— Josie Vega (@marshhmarlo) January 3, 2017

Fans aren’t the only ones leery of the romance between Drake and Jenny From The Block. On Jennifer Lopez‘s 2001 track, “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” the Bronx songstress crooned, “You think you gotta keep me iced (You don’t) / You think I’m gonna spend your cash (I won’t).”
Apparently, Drake didn’t get the memo. At the top of this year, an insider revealed to Page Six that the relationship between the two is just a ploy to sell records. “If Jennifer and Drake were really dating, they’d be way more private about it.” Despite the IG photos of the couple booed up, and Drizzy’s lavish gift, the internet remains skeptical of the relationship between the two musicians. You play yourself
— cappuccino queen. Drake is gay. News, the Canadian superstar just dropped $100,000 on a platinum and diamond Tiffany Victoria necklace for J-Lo. — Kiick Ash (@Kiick_Ash) January 7, 2017

Apparently j lo and drake really not even dating. “This relationship is fake, it is just a publicity stunt to publicize their record together,” the source said. (@patiencesosweet) January 5, 2017

Me: You know J-lo and Drake are dating.Mom: It's fake.Me: No it's not..Mom: Yes it is, it's a coverup.. According to E!

So far, authorities have no evidence that suggests that Brown or anyone affiliated with the singer was involved. Despite being robbed of nearly $25,000 in cash and jewelry, Soulja could rake in a nice amount of dough with his upcoming boxing match against Brown. Big Soulja the trending topic… fuck everybody
A video posted by Soulja Boy (@souljaboy) on Jan 11, 2017 at 11:53pm PST They were given a vital piece of information, an image of the suspect, thanks to Soulja’s security system. Hollywood, CA – Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy   has been hit with yet another blow, and not the one people have been expecting to come courtesy of Chris Brown’s hands. Cops are currently investigating the robbery, which went down on Tuesday (January 10). Soulja Boy has not responded to the robbery publicly, but did post an Instagram video where he can be seen flashing his jewelry and an envelope full of cash. Those involved are hoping to air the fight on Pay-Per-View, which could bring in added cash for the dueling pair of musicians. TMZ reports that while Soulja has been going back and forth with Breezy, his Hollywood Hills home was burglarized. The crook, who busted through the front door while the home was empty, reportedly made off with $10,000 in cash and $12,000 in jewelry.

“The Diss Rapper”‘s Instagram also describes him as a “streamer and YouTuber,” so it seems as though calling out 22 Savage is just his latest project. — 23 Savage (@TheDissRapper) January 9, 2017

So far, neither of the previous Savages have responded to the track. In previous videos on his channel, he’s gone at Donald Trump, Tyga and Pokemon Go. He’s twisting the knife on Twitter as well, with posts like “21, 22, and now there’s officially a 23 Savage. 23 got bars though.”
21, 22, and now there's officially a 23 Savage ?? 23 got bars though
— 23 Savage (@TheDissRapper) January 8, 2017

And it seems like he’s just getting started. Just months after Baton Rouge rapper 22 Savage jumped on the scene taking aim at ATL’s far more high-profile rapper 21 Savage, we’ve got a new savage in the game. The 23 Savage moniker belongs to a rapper whose Twitter handle is “TheDissRapper” which tells us just exactly what he’s in the game for — dissing rappers. It’s definitely caught people’s attention, generating almost a million YouTube views since dropping on January 8. We fully expect Savages 24 through 30 to be riding this bandwagon by the end of the week. That’s right, 23 Savage has dropped a music video for “Ain’t No 22” — a play on 22 Savage’s infamous “Ain’t No 21” track — as we enter some kind of Inception level meta-beefing where a conveyor belt produces an endless supply of Savages calling each other out on YouTube. Im re shooting the video professionally with some bad bitches and real niggaz with Draco's
— 23 Savage (@TheDissRapper) January 9, 2017

Who you chose? When will this madness end? No prizes for guessing his name.

“It’s the No. “For me being a youngster, and I believe I speak for my entire community, we all knew Checkers was more affordable,” he adds. Carol City, the city of Miami, is going to be proud.”
The purchase is also nostalgic for Rozay as he shares what he loves about Checkers. We can come back and say that a piece of this is ours. “Providing jobs, investing back into the community, staying in touch with where you’re from. “What made me come back and buy Checkers, I had a lot of reasons,” he explains in the video. In a nearly four-minute video from UPROXX, the Miami-bred rapper and entrepreneur recalls playing high school football, in addition to clarifying why he decided to buy into Checkers, aside from being the best hamburger and french fry spot in town. Since then, the 40-year-old Maybach Music Group mogul has secured   several Wingstop locations across the nation and also recently finalized a deal with Checkers restaurant franchise. Check out the video above. 1 French fries in the game.”
Ross is acquiring a stellar reputation for being a philanthropic entity in the rap industry. The boss said it. All of this in the spirit of his “Buy Back the Block” single. For example, in 2016, Ross paired his Wingstop connections to a scholarship program   for youths in underprivileged communities, and it’s clear he wants to give back to the community that not only helped him get his start, but also to those in need. The No. 1 hamburger in the game. Carol City, FL – Before Rick Ross   was “The Boss,” he was posted up   at a local car   wash at 13 years old, making a mere $30 per day for every 12-hour shift he religiously worked.