He also hilariously included “Drederick Tatum” in the list of celebrities featured in the party scene at Jay G’s mansion. RZA Snoop & Comm killed their parts. Bruh rza snoop and common all in the new simpsons show if you not watching this you really fucked up
— Josh Palm3r (@Josh_palmer) January 16, 2017

Aw shit, this Simpsons episode is killin me! The long-running cartoon’s hour-long Hip Hop special was titled “The Great Phatsby” (a play on the F. pic.twitter.com/1KKF0Ht3Wa
— The Simpsons (@TheSimpsons) January 16, 2017

Executive producer for the show Matt Selman provided an insightful running commentary on his Twitter account as the episode played. The Simpsons – After months of lead-up, The Simpsons‘ much-hyped   Hip Hop special dropped on Sunday night (January 15) — and fans loved it. RZA Snoop & Comm killed their parts. Thnks 4 easin the pain of the Cowboys loss ? #TheSimpsons
— Gabe-Real (@GabeReal909) January 16, 2017

Snoop tuned in too. The contact high Homer gets from Snoop's studio is not unlike the contact high we got when we recorded Snoop at his studio. The drama continues — keep watching #TheSimpsons! #Simpsons
— Fab4Real™ (@Amaazin_Grace) January 16, 2017

@RZA that Protect your neck line on the simpsons was too sick
— Luis (@Luiscolor1) January 16, 2017

Aw shit, this Simpsons episode is killin me! Party Celebs: Spike Lee, Flavor Flav, Alcatrazzz, Drederick Tatum, George Clinton, Lucius Sweet, Beyonce, Dennis Rodman & Cornel West
— Matt Selman (@mattselman) January 16, 2017

The other side of the lake is poppin'! Needless to say, Twitter was hyped to see these Hip Hop heavyweights star on the iconic show. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby) and featured cameos from rappers   RZA, Snoop Dogg and Common (who all laid diss tracks for the episode’s fictional Hip Hop mogul Jay G). Thnks 4 easin the pain of the Cowboys loss ? #TheSimpsons…
— Hiphop indie beats (@probeatz11) January 16, 2017

RZA telling Me Burns to protect ya neck is EVERYTHING!! #TheSimpsons
— Matt Selman (@mattselman) January 16, 2017

Veteran   producer Jim Beanz scored the episode, giving The Simpsons‘ famous theme music (originally composed by Danny Elfman) a Hip Hop makeover. A photo posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on Jan 15, 2017 at 9:15pm PST ? #TheSimpsons pic.twitter.com/ZpQW0fuTBy
— The Simpsons (@TheSimpsons) January 16, 2017

Selman also reported that Homer’s “contact high” in the episode was similar to a very real set of circumstances Simpsons staff found themselves in when recording Snoop Dogg’s dubs for the show.

2 Chainz has announced the release date for his upcoming project,   Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. In addition to the shots of Tity Boi working with producers in the studio, 2 Chainz also posted a photo of himself and Drake just outside the booth. Given that the picture comes at the same time as 2 Chainz’ posts about   Pretty Girls Like Trap Music,   one could assume that they were working together on a track for the record. The post actually didn’t specify the year, but we don’t think he’d be getting us excited if he was planning to make us wait until 2018. The 39-year-old rapper took to his Instagram on Sunday (January 15) to reveal that his next record would be coming out on April 7. But that’s not all. You never know, though, and it’s possible the two were teaming up on something for Drake’s own upcoming More Life playlist, which already boasts a feature from ATL’s own 21 Savage. It’s notable that 2 Chainz tagged Drake in a post that’s hashtagged with the title of   Pretty Girls Like Trap Music,   so we’re ready to bet that the Atlanta veteran’s album is going to come with at least one very high-profile feature…

#PrettyGirlsLikeTrapMusic 4/7
A photo posted by 2 Chainz Aka Tity Boi (@hairweavekiller) on Jan 15, 2017 at 3:25pm PST

A photo posted by 2 Chainz Aka Tity Boi (@hairweavekiller) on Jan 15, 2017 at 7:38am PST

Someone else ended up buying it and is now looking to auction the piece of history off through Goldin Auctions. These days, Mike Tyson is done with his own boxing career and is now reportedly training Chris Brown for his fight against Soulja Boy. Check out Tupac’s ticket stub from the Mike Tyson fight in Vegas below. Maybe Martin Shkreli will cop it since he’s into collecting Hip Hop mementos, the latest being the highly anticipated project from Lil Wayne, Tha Carter V. Las Vegas, NV – You have a limited time if you want to purchase Tupac Shakur‘s personal ticket stub from the Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon boxing match from the night the West Coast legend was fatally shot in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. He died from his injuries days later. A copy of Cathy Scott’s   The Killing of Tupac Shakur   book detailing the fateful night is included in the auction lot with the ticket. The stub is up for auction and at the time of publication only has two bidders, the highest being $8,500. After Mike Tyson hit his first round KO, ‘Pac allegedly handed his ticket stub, with his section FLR4 Row E Seat 2 printed on it, to a man and said, “Here you go boy, enjoy this,” TMZ reports.

Los Angeles, CA – Soulja Boy gave a quick update on his potential boxing match with Chris Brown during a brief interview with TMZ at LAX on Friday (January 13). It’s gonna be one of the biggest fights of the century, you know what I’m saying? “I smoke a lot so I had to put down the weed,” he says. I was disrespected as a man. It’s not about the money. [It’s going to be one of the] biggest fights of the year.”
“It’s not about the money at all,” Soulja Boy continued. I’ma go into the fight and give it my all and I’ma knock his ass out.”
With regards to his training, Soulja Boy says that he’s been mostly focused on his breathing, later admitting that he’s had to lay off the weed as a result. I was challenged to a fight [and] I accepted the challenge. “I’m focused, man. “I don’t know where that came from,” he adds. “We supposed to fight in [Las] Vegas or L.A., that’s what Floyd [Mayweather] said. I’m not saying it’s gonna be an easy win but I think that I’m gonna win for sure.”
Elsewhere in the interview, the reporter asked Soulja Boy if he had a message for his opponent, to which Soulja replied: “Ay, man, after the fight we can shake hands and be friends.” I just hope to give it my best. soil. “It’s about me, my respect as a man. It’s not about the money at all. The “Crank That” rapper says that he’s been training hard ahead of what he calls “one of the biggest fights of the century.”
“I’ve been training every day,” he said. Soulja Boy also rebuffed claims that the fight will now be taking place in Dubai   due to rules and regulations preventing such a fight from taking place on U.S. I’ve been making millions of dollars since I was 17 years old. Floyd Mayweather’s my trainer [and] he said Mayweather Promotions, we gonna do Las Vegas or we gonna do Los Angeles in March … I got two months to train … I just got off the phone with Floyd Mayweather, man, we doing it in [Las] Vegas in March.”
As expected, Soulja Boy’s confident of walking away with the win, saying: “I think I’m gonna win. It’s about my respect.

One of the old tricks we used to use back in the day in music journalism is we used to pick a song for cover line,” he explained. “No matter what group you’re talking about. The third one in “Who’s Going To Take the Weight?” is really about Luke now stepping up and doing something that from which there is no going back, so he’s going to take the weight of taking down Cottonmouth and put it on his shoulders.”
No reports as of yet on the Luke Cage season two release date. Original episodes of Grey’s Anatomy after different songs. Not the most surprising of revelations, seeing that it was reportedly the company’s biggest ratings draw for 2016. If there’s a cool cover line you can do that and then simultaneously as a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes, she also names a lot of her shows. “Well, Gang Starr for me, it wasn’t about the content of music as much as it was about the song titles. And then ‘Code of the Streets’ is about the ramifications of stepping up and finding out that there is a code that they just violated. What I noticed in going through my iTunes is that Gang Starr songs always had that kind of presence and so it just worked basically picking those song titles and making it into something. So it was really just a combination of just like finding songs titles that resonate and then seeing how you can build cinematic resonance with your story and your characters. The first episode is really about that moment of truth that Genghis Khan is when Luke Cage decides to become a hero. When factoring in its Marvel Cinematic Universe roots and a score produced by Hip Hop composers Adrian Younge and A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad, the reach of its intended audience scales further than most shows on television. Embed from Getty Images

Superhero Score: Listen to the Luke Cage Soundtrack right here. Shoot back to April 2016 and the company took a hit in shares, despite gaining more than two million subscribers during the period but combined with the continuous decline of cable TV and strong programming, they were able to raise their stock to record high numbers ahead of their Q4 earnings, which will be posted on January 18. In an interview with HipHopDX, series creator Cheo Hodari Coker explained why he chose the episode titles to be named after songs by the iconic NYC rap duo. One of the aforementioned strong programs included Marvel’s Luke Cage, the Harlem-centered superhero series that built its foundation on Gang Starr songs. Wall Street – The term “Netflix and chill” has never sounded so relevant, seeing that the movie and TV service recently posted its highest shares projections to date at $133.70 as of Friday, January 13. Our checks… indicate broad based strength in international demand catalyzed by original content,” Kraft wrote, calling out Golden Globe-winner “The Crown,” “Marvel’s Luke Cage,” “Gilmore Girls” and “Fuller House,” wrote Deutsche Bank analyst Bryan Kraft in a research note obtained by Variety, as he also noted “Netflix navigated its way through the ’16 pricing increases relatively unscathed.”
Last December, Netflix announced that Luke Cage would be returning for a second season.

A photo posted by Ciara (@ciara) on Jan 14, 2017 at 7:05pm PST

No Greater Blessing Than Having Family. So Future & Bow Wow showed up to the Falcons vs. #Thanks
— Everything Georgia (@GAFollowers) January 10, 2017

Meanwhile, Baby Future was at the game with CiCi sporting Wilson’s jersey and after the game, the singer posted that she was proud of her husband despite the loss. There was plenty of pettiness from the streets of Twitter whether the Falcons wanted it or not. Seahawks game tonight ? pic.twitter.com/4YTr5qffG7
— Shahaad East (@shahaadeast) January 14, 2017

When you get to the stadium and see future and bow wow on the sideline pic.twitter.com/vU7Ob2b09S
— Sept 4th (@DubOnDaBeatz) January 14, 2017

Future and Lil Bow Wow bout to do a duet of "I Hit It First" by Ray J at halftime of the #SEAvsATL game. Future is here, Falcons fans https://t.co/IxT7Wwrnrz pic.twitter.com/xIrqSO24wU
— vaughn mcclure (@vxmcclure23) January 14, 2017

The Falcons   refrained from playing any of Future’s music during the game, with head coach Dan Quinn saying days before the matchup that “We will absolutely not go down that road.”
But the internet wasn’t letting Wilson off so easily. THAT is trolling, #Falcons. pic.twitter.com/Cj8xiAJtde
— BigHeadSports (@BigHeadSports) January 14, 2017

Buck Nasty looking at Future & Lil Bow Wow like … pic.twitter.com/otnxhv4K6o
— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) January 14, 2017

Future and Bow Wow combined their petty forces like pic.twitter.com/yQEXy0Nnrm
— Mayjuh Man Flexin' (@Cam_Major) January 14, 2017

Russell Wilson’s Future Super Bowl hopes have been sacked. — ӇΛϞz (@cutclear) January 14, 2017

russell wilson see future in the crowd, that's why the SeaHawks losing??
— Nas Hatton (@nashattonn) January 14, 2017

OK, so Russell Wilson's wife's baby daddy and one of his wife's ex-boyfriends is on the Atlanta sideline? #TheInternetIsUndefeated pic.twitter.com/BpreeScPeK
— Los Angeles Leakers (@LALeakers) January 15, 2017

#AtlantaFalcons #SEAvsATL #football #future #Ciara #RussellWilson Oh the #ShadeOfItAll This was too funny not to post. Too son? — Aditi Kinkhabwala (@AKinkhabwala) January 14, 2017

Please Falcons, with Russell Wilson in town, allow Future to sing the National Anthem. She’s seemingly moving on from the drama as she called off her $15 million defamation   lawsuit against Future earlier this month. We're Proud Of You @Dangerusswilson ❤
A photo posted by Ciara (@ciara) on Jan 14, 2017 at 7:26pm PST pic.twitter.com/1JqVzPXuFj
— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) January 15, 2017

Future sprinkled that L on Russell Wilson! Atlanta, GA – Chalk up a W for Future as 2017 is just getting underway. Especially with another of Ciara’s exes, Bow Wow, at the game. Wilson, who is married to Future’s ex-fiancée Ciara and is expecting a child with her, went 17-of-30 for two touchdowns and two interceptions in the loss, which ended the Seahawks’ season. The Freebandz leader stood on the sidelines as his hometown Atlanta Falcons beat Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Divisional Playoffs 36-20 yesterday (January 14). Sorry y'all??? pic.twitter.com/gmK02Mh5Re
— Judi B (@sf_ishome) January 15, 2017

— PEGEE (@VH1PNUT_) January 14, 2017

Future switched Russell wilson's Gatorade with lean smh.

“Maybe I should take the time to share what many of US would like you to see. From T.I.’s open letter:
“As you transition into your role as the President of the United States, you will undoubtedly be one of the most watched people in the history of the world. reading the letter can be found. ponders aloud the president-elect’s aims and how the nation can prosper with a leader that has shown sides of himself that could be seen as unbefitting of the office he’s set to take. With every generation there has been strategic steps taken to oppress, imprison and control US. T.I.’s letter is part of a series of such writings he’s released, the first of which was addressed to President Barack Obama. The deck has always been stacked against US in this country. Above, a clip of T.I. Should it ever at times seem as though WE are against YOU, I assure you it’s a result of YOU defining yourself as the representative for those who are and who always have been against US. In an open letter to Donald Trump, T.I. Tip “T.I.” Harris has turned the corner from a rapper who depicted gritty tales of the street to a thoughtful artist-activist using his platform for change. All we’ve ever wanted was equality and empathy as the historically disenfranchised citizens that we are, in a nation that we’ve contributed to just as much as anyone else who calls America their home.”
Read the entire letter at   Rolling Stone. In this recent work published online at Rolling Stone   last Friday (January 13), the Atlanta rapper and actor challenges Trump in an assertive fashion, but tempers that passion with opening the channels for a respectful conversation. This comes a week before Trump’s inauguration on January 20. So, I can’t help but ask in the midst of our nation’s calamity and discord: What do you want US to see?

In the Field [Prod. Sledgren]
What It Mean [Prod. He opens this year with his Jet Life Crew for   The Jetlanta EP after releasing 12 projects in 12 months. and is made up of six tracks with production from Don Cannon, Sledgren and Purpz of 808 Mafia. Curren$y was a runner-up for HipHopDX’s “We Working” Artist of the Year in 2016 for his incredible output of music. appeared on a few of the Jet Life Recordings boss’s projects last year, including 9/30 and   11/30. Curren$y is not leaving his work ethic behind in 2016. Don Cannon]
I Remember [Prod. Don Cannon]
Paper Doe [Prod. Don Cannon]
Money Put Away [Prod. Stream Curren$y’s   The Jetlanta EP above and check out the cover art and tracklist below. Corner Boy P and T.Y. Don Cannon]
Wherever [Prod. Purpz of 808 Mafia] The Jetlanta EP   showcases the talents of Corner Boy P and T.Y.

“Fuck Donald Trump” was named the #6 Most Lit Rap Song of 2016 by HipHopDX for its cultural impact. So far, none of them have raised any money. Even though The Donald won the presidency, G-Eazy (who appeared on the song’s remix) said he was “thankful YG made that record.”
Despite YG’s performance of “Fuck Donald Trump” at the inauguration having zero chance of happening, the offer has prompted more than a dozen enterprising philanthropists to launch GoFundMe campaigns to crowd-source the $4 million. Donald Trump’s inauguration team has had a tough time locking down a big-name black performer for the ceremony on January 20, and with Flo Rida shooting down his rumored participation and 2 Chainz declining, time is running out. Now YG has made a helpful offer to step in, saying on Twitter he’ll perform his election-themed hit single for a cool $4 million.

The cut, which features on Mars’ third studio album of the same name, sold 77,181 units during the seven days leading to January 5, taking its total sales since its official release to 907,222 copies. Migos f. D.R.A.M. Daft Punk – “Starboy”   – 54,452 (1,153,214)
#6. The Top 10 R&B/Hip Hop   Single Sales For Week Ending 01/05/2017
#1. f. Machine Gun Kelly f. The Weeknd f. Aminé – “Caroline”   – 31,712 (455,381)
#10. Migos Stands Strong At #2
Migos’ viral   single “Bad And Boujee” remains at #2 this week. Rae Sremmurd f. The Gucci Mane-assisted cut sold 65,749 units during the seven days leading to January 5 – a 52% decrease on the 136,323 sold last week. Rae Sremmurd Slips To #3
Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” was another single to suffer from a significant dip in sales following the holiday season. Drake – “Fake Love” – 55,971 (506,095)
#5. New York City, NY – This week on the R&B/Hip Hop single sales chart, Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” jumps up four places to take the top spot, dethroning last week’s #1, Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles,” which slips to #3. The cut, which features Lil Uzi Vert and is produced by Metro Boomin, sold 75,635 units during the seven days leading to January 5. Lil Yachty – “Broccoli”   – 45,616 (1,074,824)
#8. Donald Glover’s shoutout for the song   during his Golden Globe acceptance speech last weekend will only help the track’s numbers going forward. Bruno Mars – “24K Magic” – 77,181 (907,222)
#2. Gucci Mane – “Black Beatles”   – 65,749 (1,047,326)
#4. Elsewhere this week, Rihanna’s “Love On The Brain” and Big Sean’s “Bounce Back” both creep into the Top 10 and lastly, Zay   Hilfigerrr   and   Zayion   McCall’s popular single “Juju On That Beat (TZ Anthem)”   slips to #13 following a 61% decrease in week-on-week sales. Big Sean – “Bounce Back” – 29,214 (162,538)
See last week’s Hip Hop Single Sales report   here. Camila Cabello – “Bad Things” – 53,202 (415,777)
#7. Rihanna – “Love On The Brain” – 35,231 (434,639)
#9. Lil Uzi Vert – “Bad And Boujee” – 75,635 (297,192)
#3. Bruno Mars Takes #1 Spot
Despite suffering a 27% decrease in sales post-Christmas, Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” still jumps four places to #1 this week.

DMX & Swizz Beatz Bring   “Bane Iz Back”
DMX   has reportedly been working with   Swizz Beatz   for his comeback album and fans now have a taste of what’s to come from the New York natives in the form of “Bane Iz Back.”  
2017’s Thirsty Start From Nicki Minaj To Soulja Boy
2017’s start has been loud and obnoxious. View the Top 10 for the week ending January 14 below:
1. Gucci Mane Opens Up About Addiction During Interview For ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” (video)
7. Apparently, he was given a laced joint   (“a wet jimmy”) that had him tripping so bad he’s decided to leave the plant alone. DMX Makes Raw Return With Swizz Beatz-Produced “Bane Iz Back” (single)
2. Post Malone Speaks On Working With Kanye West & Why He Put Down The Weed (video)
4. Ringing in the new year was   Nicki Minaj’s relationship status   with Meek Mill, Troy Ave’s “Sex Tape,”   and of course   Soulja Boy and Chris Brown getting ready to box it out. We get insight on why this may or may not be a good thing. We also got Saturday’s DX Breakdown from Justin Hunte, highlighting the immense amount of thirstiness 2017 has kicked off with, and lastly, Post Malone explained why he stopped smoking weed. Barack Obama & Kanye West: A Look At Their Public Relationship (video)
6. Master P & No Limit Boys Share Self-Titled Project In Full (single)
5. Soulja Boy, Nicki Minaj & 2017’s Thirsty Beginning (video)
3. Post Malone Doesn’t Smoke Weed Anymore
In a recent interview, Post Malone shared a crazy story on Shade 45 radio show   Whoolywood Shuffle with   DJ Whoo Kid about why he doesn’t smoke marijuana anymore. Fat Joe & Remy Ma Let It Rain In “Money Showers” Featuring Ty Dolla Sign (video)
9. Watch Animated Interpretation Of André 3000’s “The Love Below” Interlude In Clip Titled “The Morning After” (video)
10. Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx & Kevin Hart Recall Stand-Up Off Nights In “Dying Laughing” Clip   (video) This past week, DMX and Swizz Beatz dropped some heat. Royce Da 5’9 Freestyles Over Phresher’s “Wait A Minute” (single)

Warwick, RI – Reported dog lover DMX might want to rethink his breakout debut single “Get At Me Dog” after it was put out by a dog boarding facility that the veteran rapper abandoned his pet there. The Rhode Island boarding house says that the X Man   hasn’t paid a bill since October after leaving his pit bull puppy at the facility in August. However, Callahan says there hasn’t been any further communication since that initial phone meeting about the matter. But now, it looks like X was prepared to give up his puppy for adoption but didn’t follow through, reports local outlet WLNE. He’s such a nice sweet dog and he doesn’t deserve that so we’re just trying to do our part.”
DMX has faced animal cruelty charges in times past, but this dog has shown no signs of abuse. The facility has been boarding little X for around six months, where DMX left the dog before heading out on tour for the summer. The Four Paws Pet Resort has been caring for the pit bull named “X,” but says his owner has been missing in action. “They try their best but staff often get overwhelmed with them and a lot of them get euthanized. “Bully breeds don’t fair very well in shelters,” Callahan told WLNE. Chad Callahan, the owner of Four Paw Pets, said he spoke with DMX about signing over ownership of the dog so that adoption procedures could get underway. The rapper   has yet to make a public statement about the abandonment   accusation.

Social Media – Obviously, President-elect Donald Trump isn’t a favorite with African Americans considering he won his impending position with only eight percent of the black vote. You’d rather have black people as football players, comedians   and rappers than the president. Steve Harvey went on to defend his stance on Twitter saying he was invited by both Trump and Obama’s transitional teams for the meeting. Hughley, who went to social media to speak on his disgust with Donald Trump and his use of black celebrities who are willing to support him. Those bottom-tier numbers also reflect the support he’s gotten from melanin-rich celebrities as well (outside of   Kanye West). “Because that’s the positions you’re used to seeing us in. You’d rather see us run the ball than run the country. ”
Other black notables putting their weight behind the president-elect normally all sit in the “has-been”   D-list range including Omarosa, Dennis Rodman, Ray Lewis, Stacey Dash and everyone’s favorite part-time rapper/full-time social media bottom-feeder Azealia Banks. More recently, Broadway legend Jennifer Holliday accepted the invitation to   perform during Trump’s upcoming inauguration before dropping out and apologizing today (January 14) after criticism. One outspoken comedian that’s had enough is D.L. “It amazes me that to convince black people that Donald Trump cares about them, he takes pictures with celebrities,” he said. “You know why you have a comedian, rapper and football player out to talk about the concerns of the community,” asked Hughley. My meeting with @realDonaldTrump … pic.twitter.com/Tz2O2W3a5n
— Steve Harvey (@IAmSteveHarvey) January 13, 2017 Steve Harvey also caught flak on Friday (January 13) for visiting the president-elect at Trump Towers and announcing his plans to work with Department of Housing   and Urban Development lead Ben Carson. “If Donald Trump cared about black people, he would not have denigrated the president with those claims of ‘birtherism.’ He would not have stoked fears and racist fears or saying that this man is less than, or not one of us to become president.”
Hughley went on to question Trump’s intentions about the photo ops.

It was just the two MCs and an engineer. Yes, that happened. Hip Hop Celebrity Deathmatch In Real Life
So now, it seems that everyone in Hip Hop is trying to get the bag for boxing it out with their nemesis. Meek Mill & The L’s
A rundown of the L’s Meek Mill took this week includes   him   epically bailing on the icy stairs at his mama’s crib   and porn star Mia Khalifa clowning him and the Philadelphia 76ers on Instagram (though that   was   quickly diffused by Joel Embiid). Elsewhere, Tre Capital spoke with DX’s Victoria Hernandez about paving his own way while recording his   We Must Do Better   album. Eminem Pen Checks Kendrick Lamar
A pretty cool story about Eminem testing   Kendrick Lamar’s verse-writing ability popped up this past week, thanks to “Shape Of You”   singer-songwriter   Ed Sheeran. “Eminem said that he did it to test Kendrick because he thought he had a ghostwriter,” Sheeran revealed. “Hennessy   chose me,” he asserts in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX’s Ural Garrett. RiFF RAFF offered to get in the ring with 50 Cent for $2 million, Kodak Black wanted to box Lil Wayne over the “best rapper alive” title and 50 Cent suggested that 21 Savage and his copycat 22 Savage be the undercard for Soulja Boy vs. Easy money play for all. And then, Meek Mill said he’d   fight Drake for $5 million. This past week in Hip Hop, Meek Mill had some eventful moments, from slipping on ice to getting clowned by a porn star. Read more here. Combining all of those topics and putting it into perspective of saying man, fans are so geeked to hear this album because it’s refreshing.” The Los Angeles rapper has 11 tracks on the project that he created to speak and connect with his fans. “Let me really make sure that I’m putting in the effort and the time to talk about the relationship with my family and how I felt discouraged trying to be a bigger role model for them,” he says. While these rappers are prepping to be in the role of a boxer, Mike Tyson is seeing what life is like on the other side with his recently recorded diss song toward Soulja Boy. DXclusives: Harvey J & Tre Capital
Harvey J cleverly used Hennessy to curate his “Hennessy Chicken” music video and then he went viral. The Compton, California rap star wrote a sick verse that eventually became   “Love Game”   off   The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Chris Brown match. Oh, and also he offered to box Drake for a check, floating the idea of putting his   ex up to be the ring card girl for the   match. “Y’all would come and see that fight wouldn’t y’all?” Meek mused in a Facebook Live video that exploded across the internet. Dot over to record a track   and asked   that he leave his entourage at the door and enter the studio alone. Elsewhere, Eminem put Kendrick Lamar’s pen game to the test and apparently just about everyone in Hip Hop wants to box each other. It all started with Soulja Boy and Chris Brown announcing their plans to box in Dubai (or LA, or Vegas, who knows anymore) and now we’re down a rabbit hole of potential possibilities   for more boxing matches that could rack in millions. “Y’all would pay $100 a ticket for that.”
Read more here. It was also reported that   his breakup with Nicki Minaj   by him wanting to spend time with his homeboys instead of her on their trip to   Turks & Caicos. “My brother or my sister or friends around me or just music. In an interview with the Zach Sang Show, Sheeran recounted the story   that Em invited K. “He then realized that he didn’t, and then claimed he was the best, which is kinda cool, I think.”
Read more here.

During RTJ’s opening tour date stop in Philadelphia this week, El shared a comical story of how his old crew got booed off stage while opening for The Beastie Boys. Everything that I had been building was falling apart. 11). “Company Flow had just come off of a two-month-long winter tour through wonderful, disturbing winter wonderlands like Germany … To add even more pain to that, Company Flow had broken up the day we left for the tour. But we got the call while we were on tour: ‘You guys are opening for the Beastie Boys in Philly when you get back.’”
Despite Company Flow’s top-tier distinction among the “backpacker” set, the Beastie Boys had broken into the mainstream by the   Hello Nasty   days of the late ’90s, so it’s possible fans were more excited to sing along to “Intergalactic” than to watch cuts from   Funcrusher Plus. Recounting the story 19 years later, a good-natured El blamed himself for the brouhaha. Run The Jewels’ next stop is tonight (Jan. The pressure of being the opening act got real when El noted one person in the crowd booing and asking the crew to let the Beasties take the stage, leading El to verbally confront the man. “I was like, ‘Have I been here before?’ And I realized, 19 years ago I had been here before, it was with my old crew   Company Flow,” said El-P to a cheering crowd. Some fans might remember that Company Flow, consisting of El, Bigg Jus and Mr. That ended up being a bad idea when others joined the man and booed Company Flow stage left after just three songs. Check out the video of El-P telling the hilarious tale of getting booed off stage in Philly in the clip above. Fresh off a European tour and seemingly unpublicized breakup, the trio embarked on powering through a set in 1998 at The Electric Factory, the same venue where RTJ played to a sold-out crowd this past Wednesday (Jan. Philadelphia, PA – Although El-P and Killer Mike rip apart stages these days as the potent duo Run The Jewels, that wasn’t always the case for the producer-rapper during his time in Company Flow in the late ’90s. 14) at Cleveland’s House of Blues. So we went on the tour for two months … I was frazzled, I was fucked up, my whole crew was fucked up. Len, were one of the underground’s biggest acts of the 1990s.

50 Cent
Meek Mill vs. Y’all muthafuckas was beefing not one muthafuckas said ‘Let’s have a boxing match.’ Two niggas say they having a boxing match … now you wanna fight. Stop riding the coattails off another nigga, man. Judging by how 2017 is going so far, yes, yes, it will. Now you got everybody wanting to fucking fight each other. #bowwow says most of our fav gangsta rappers can't even fight ??. In His Bed – Bow Wow is not about everyone jumping on the latest wave of Hip Hop boxing challenges. Will this latest rant offend someone enough that they’ll call Bow Wow out for a boxing match? Come up with your own shit, man. Let them two do what they do, man. A fact that Bow Wow seems to think is   for the best, at least for fans of the fundamentals of the sweet science. Lil Wayne
22 Savage vs. Drake
Safaree vs. Meek Mill
Kodak Black vs. … Why do you think most of your favorite rappers always talk about gunplay or shooting a nigga? Y’all gotta cut this shit out,” he concludes. Chris Brown
RiFF RAFF vs. Shit weak. ??
A video posted by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on Jan 13, 2017 at 6:04pm PST

So far there have been at least six boxing challenges made (or at least joked about) including:

Soulja Boy vs. “These niggas can’t even fucking fight … Have you seen videos of these niggas? It’s easy. U think this true tho? Because none of these niggas can’t fucking fight in real life,” he says, adding that it’s the members of the rappers’ entourages who are the real fighters. “I’m just saying. 21 Savage

As of press time, none of these fights have come remotely close to   being a reality. “Two homies done started some shit. This shit getting corny as fuck now … Where the fuck was all y’all rappers at last year? How they look punching? Speaking in a clip captured by DJ Akademiks, the man also known as Shad Moss commented on other rappers trying to catch the same lightning in a bottle that his Ignorant Shit collaborator Soulja Boy generated by turning his   Chris Brown internet beef into a possible boxing match/multi-million dollar payday.

Living Single’s sole decoration (and recognition) comes in the form of a NAACP Image Award. “It’s not there yet but like hopefully we can get it happening,” the 46-year-old Golden Globe-winning thespian admitted. Although the notion never ruffled many feathers publicly like say Empire versus Power, keen eyes at the time noticed the similarities between both NYC-based Living Single and Friends, with the latter debuting more than a year after the former. to reveal that her former sitcom, Living Single, was in the early stages of making a comeback. Los Angeles, CA – We’re no longer living in a “’90s kind of world” but Queen Latifah recently appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live! The show, which originally aired on FOX for five seasons from 1993-1998, preceded future African American estrogen-empowering programs such as Girlfriends and Being Mary Jane and also starred Kim Coles and Kim Fields. But when Cohen mentioned the word reboot, Horrible Bosses actor Jason Sudeikis half-jokingly chimed in with, “I thought Friends was the reboot?” to Queen Latifah’s immediate amusement. According to The Queen, the similarities were no coincidence. “But Friends was so good, it’s not like we hated on it or everything but it was like, you know,” Latifah says. Still, Latifah isn’t harboring any animosity for being overshadowed. “It was one of those things where it was a guy called Warren Littlefield who used to run NBC and they asked him when all the new shows came out, they said “If there’s any show that you could have, which one would it be?” and he said, ‘Living Single’   — and he created Friends,” she explained. Get nostalgic with the Living Single intro down below. Despite both sitcoms being undoubtedly popular with their respective fanbases, history will show that Friends   is one of the most successful television shows to ever air, with its trophy case including Primetime Emmys, Golden Globes and People’s Choice Awards. “We’re actually working on it,” her Hip Hop highness said with a grin when a caller nudged her on the subject.

Who knows why Obama never thought to invite 2 Chainz to the White House. We all come from a troubled past but I see him give people some really big chances. Obama had Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson   perform at his. I just wanted to say what’s up to Barack. I probably won’t be going to the White House no time soon that’s why I was trying to go then.”
No word on how much Donald Trump‘s management offered 2 Chainz to perform at his inauguration, but it   appears the president-elect has been having issues securing performers for the dreaded day. “I had to say nah no matter how much money it was. On Friday (January 6), Barry’s Farewell party drew lots of celebrity guests for the special star-studded evening, including Solange Knowles, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Jordin Sparks, Usher, Kelly Rowland, La La Anthony, Jay Pharoah and Chance the Rapper among others. Celine Dion, Elton John, KISS and Moby are among those who have declined invites to perform and now 2 Chainz. “I see all them beautiful pictures of everybody going to all these parties. Slick in my feelings ? .. But anyway, it didn’t happen and I’m cool with that.”
President Obama has openly embraced the Hip Hop community with lots of love throughout his role as Commander-in-Chief. If 2 Chainz didn’t get an invite from Obama, an offer to perform for the next president didn’t make Tity Boi feel any better. 2 Chainz is self-admittedly in his feelings because President Barack Obama didn’t invite him to the White House, but Donald Trump’s team invited him to perform at the President-elect’s inauguration concert on January 19. “Then Trump Dump calls management and I know they’re only doing this because they can’t get nobody else and they want me to perform for the inauguration,” he continues in the post. From linking up with Kendrick Lamar about the Pay It Forward program to curating Spotify playlists filled with Hip Hop and R&B acts. Watch 2 Chainz lament about not being invited to the White House by Barack below. I'm not political I'm just practical #prettygirlsliketrapmusic #62maybachchronicles
A video posted by 2 Chainz Aka Tity Boi (@hairweavekiller) on Jan 13, 2017 at 12:27pm PST “I usually leave a lot of shit to myself, but I wanted to go to the White House but I never got invited,” 2 Chainz says in an Instagram clip.

Being directed by European filmmaker Bo do Odar, this Sleepless Night rendition gets that Euro, kind of slower paced, story-focused camerawork. Between his restrained relationship with his kidnapped son and wife Dena Downs, portrayed by Gabrielle Union (Being Mary Jane, Top Five), while his job intensely under fire — it’s the kind of “I-need-to-get-my-shit-together” type of moment that we get to witness on screen that perhaps resonates in to answering why we love these cat-and-mouse chase movies whose story gets retold over and over again. In fact, since 2008 we’ve seen it in the form of Taken three times. Good thing Jamie has porcelain teeth. My best friend is a dentist, we actually grew up together and he lived in Atlanta so he put a little spackle on it and got me back.”
All praises go to Hollywood stunt coordinator Jeff Imada (Fight Club, Hanna) who brought in all the jaw-dropping fight action. “She did clock me in the tooth,“ Jamie concedes. and Jamie on screen together too. The clean cut, action packed scenes that are scattered throughout the film is certainly worth noting. We’ve seen it a million times. It’s the Oscar Award-winning Jamie Foxx though so it’s worth seeing him in this kind of renegade role after about three years of missing him on the big screen since playing a much softer role in 2014’s Annie. Overall, Sleepless comes with lots of surprises and it’s pretty cool to watch T.I. We know how this story goes. He got some great food at that restaurant. The life of Vincent Downs is seemingly falling apart. “My knuckle kind of split and then his tooth.”
Luckily his chipped tooth was a non-problem, that was quickly fixed before filming the next day. The high-intensity fight sequence between Bryant and Downs in the hotel casino might as well had been a calculated dance number the way it was cut. This high-risk thriller sees the evolvement of exceptionally elusive characters. “We was at his restaurant. Tear The Club Up: Watch Jamie…excuse us, Vincent Downs wreck shop in this DXclusive. Downs attempt to hijack a shipment of coke with his partner Sean, played by T.I., from a dope dealing Vegas casino boss, turns into an all day affair of searching for his kidnapped son by said boss. “I was on top of him and I just connected and I immediately I felt it,” Michelle gloats. The casino hotel showdown reportedly took 12 hours to film resulting in Michelle sparring so hard she ended up chipping Jamie’s tooth. As the movie was filmed in Atlanta, they had plenty of fun enjoying all that the Peach State has to offer in between all that hard work including Tip’s restaurant Scales 925 before its official closing. Jeezy also makes an appearance. Fried everything.”

Photo: Open Road Films
Sleepless debuts in theaters today, Friday, January 13. “I was out with T.I.,” Jamie recalls. This is all porcelain but you know [Michelle] chipped that a little bit…I don’t know if you guys have ever lived the porcelain life but you know when you taste that little chalk? “Which actually is not my tooth. Bryant on the heels of Downs mixed with the impending pressure to bring his family back together repackages a motif that moviegoers will find familiar. I called my guy. Los Angeles, CA – Open Road Films and Riverstone Pictures’ Sleepless is an exhilarating, action-filled, bad ass ride driven in the seat of Las Vegas cop Vincent Downs played by Jamie Foxx and obstinate Internal Affairs investigator Jen Bryant played by Michelle Monaghan (Mission: Impossible III, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).

Then there’s the whole battle rap industry. This all seems to be a plea for attention that started with Soulja Boy, who (again, let’s be honest) is pretty washed up. These MCs (at least most of them) aren’t crying over witty punchlines or threatening to beat each other up over who is perceived as “better.” The King Of The Dot battle rap league is throwing guys   like Dumbfoundead and Conceited in the ring to work it out in an “artful” way, while Grind Time Now routinely put rappers like TheSaurus and Illmaculate against each other to tear each other apart verse by verse. Pick up the microphone and battle it out. So rappers—you want to be noticed in a way that doesn’t compromise your integrity? It appears all of these rappers feel they can cash in on the attention these alleged “fights” are getting and, to many, it’s making a mockery of Hip Hop   culture. He hasn’t really been a viable musical force for nearly a decade. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned rap battle? In fact, there seems to be no “culture” in this at all. It’s time rappers back up their tough guy, machismo talk with tangible rap battles rather than blow by blow, which—let’s be honest here—is never going to happen anyway. Soulja Boy wants to fight Chris Brown (with promotion from boxer Floyd Mayweather), RiFF RAFF has challenged 50 Cent to a $2 million boxing match, Meek Mill says he’ll mop   the floor with Drake for a cool $5 million, Kodak Black (for some reason) called out   Lil Wayne to a fight over who is the “best rapper alive,”   and 22 Savage is ready to throw blows at 21 Savage over the name. They just spit and verbally assaulted one another   until a winner was declared. After Diddy’s Snapchat rant declaring all of this recent rap drama “baffoonery and coonery,” it’s natural to wonder why rappers are turning to physical violence to squash their beefs when they could put the gloves down and simply pick up a mic. No, they didn’t schedule a fight nor did they feel they had to resort to any type of physical violence to prove a point. After all, isn’t that actually how one determines who in fact is the better rapper? At a 1997 Scribble Jam, before he was at the top of the rap food chain, Detroit native Eminem took on Chicago rapper Juice to determine who had better bars, while Sage Francis and Atmosphere’s Slug took to the rap ring at Scribble Jam’s 2001 event.