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Dylann Roof Sentenced To Death For Charleston Church Massacre

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me: im against the death penaltycourt: dylann roof has been sentenced to deathme:
— Common White Girl (@girlhoodposts) January 10, 2017

me getting lit at the Dylann Roof "Going Away" party
— Black Jesus (@BullHunitProof) January 10, 2017

me: idk if I agree with the death penalty or not
judge: dylann roof has been sentenced to death

Dylann Roof is the first person sentenced to death for a federal hate crime.
— Chinua AcheBae (@SorahyaM) January 10, 2017 “We will struggle as long as we live to understand why he committed this horrible attack, which caused so much pain to so many good people. — Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) January 10, 2017

the day dylann roof dies will be a national holiday
— alina (@glossyfilm) January 11, 2017

When you're against the death penalty but can't muster the energy to argue why Dylann Roof shouldn't be executed. The 22-year-old faced either life in prison or execution for gunning down nine unsuspecting churchgoers during bible study on June 17, 2015   at the historic black church in downtown Charleston, Emanuel AME Church. “No room in a civilized society for hatred, racism and discrimination,” he adds. We wish to express the grief we feel for the victims of his crimes, and our sympathy to the many families he has hurt. Rot in hell. It “sends a strong message” about the way hate crimes are handled, Malcolm Graham, brother to one of the   lives lost at the hands of Roof, told The Associated Press. Charleston, NC – After nearly three hours of deliberation, a jury made the decision to sentence convicted   Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof   to death row. During sentencing he told jurors he didn’t have a mental illness nor did he offer any remorse. Even those apparently against the death penalty. In December, Roof, who represented himself during the   trial, was convicted of all 33 federal charges against him.
— Maurice Chammah (@MauriceChammah) January 10, 2017

Dylann   confessed to the jury, declining to plead for his life, “I felt like I had to do it. Obama leaving office like:
— eemi (@eemanabbasi) January 10, 2017

Damn, Dylann Roof got the death penalty
— LEGEND (@ChriStylezz) January 10, 2017

Dylann Roof sentenced to death. His family offered a brief statement upon sentencing. Forever. We continue to pray for the Emanuel AME families and the Charleston community.”
Full statement from Roof lawyers and family. “We will always love Dylann,” they said. I still feel like I have to do it.”
Needless to say, the internet is celebrating this decision. He is the first person sentenced to death for a hate crime.