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The Lox Check Kanye West & Drake For Having Ghostwriters

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Check out the clip above. Fresh off releasing their third studio album   Filthy America… It’s Beautiful last month, The Lox has been on a series of media appearances. A MC can’t do that. Styles P followed with, “If you claim it [using a ghostwriter], that’s ok. An entertainer or producer can.”
Styles and Louch dominated this portion of the conversation, with Jadakiss randomly chiming in that a rapper getting lyrical assistance diminishes their boasts of being the best. The same was said for Kanye’s claims of being the best in the world, but Styles and Sheek both agreed that the Chicago superstar could possibly claim to be the best entertainer but not the best   rapper. A true MC cannot do that in no way, shape, or form. Louch and Styles praised Drake’s abilities as an entertainer but both said they couldn’t put him in the conversation with Kendrick Lamar and J. The latest sit-down was with VladTV and the candid discussion opened regarding how the group stood up for themselves when things went afoul with their deal with Bad Boy and Diddy in the late 1990s. But it was the talk around ghostwriting and the validity of an artist that got the gang most animated. Sheek suggested to DJ Vlad at the end of the clip that a ghostwriter award ceremony needs to be created. Cole as one of Hip Hop’s top acts after the Quentin Miller reference tracks were leaked. “With guys like Diddy, it’s ok,” said Louch. The Lox will always get respect for their potent pen games, and the trio of Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, and Styles P are definitely students of the culture. In a recent interview, the Yonkers rappers said that Drake and Kanye West can no longer claim to be the best in the field of lyricism as they both employed ghostwriters. Kiss chimed in that he recently recorded with Desiigner   and saluted Young M.A and other up and comers. The interview shifted gears when asked about rap’s new generation.