No excuses!
— Brian (@BrianMcLight) April 6, 2017

.@MissyElliott Dej Loaf should've known since she's a female in hip hop, and Adidas has worked with Missy COUNTLESS times! See the full film by clicking the link in bio. Ya'll couldn't just ask Missy to recreate this? A post shared by adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals) on Apr 5, 2017 at 1:00am PDT

The adidas Originals ad featured the “Back Up” rapper alongside Mabel and Petra Collins and is said to exist in order to “help redefine the meaning of originality for a new generation of creators.”
Yeah, about that… Once the ad made its rounds on social media, fans spotted   the Missy connection and got to slandering.
— Expressions Stores (@ExpressionsKix) April 5, 2017

The adidas Originals Twitter account opted not to address the controversy, instead responding to the handful of positive tweets over the past few days. In the unforgettable video for Missy Elliott’s Supa Dupa Fly debut single, “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly),” the multi-talented director Hype Williams famously fitted the female rap icon in a giant black trash bag for dramatic effect. — Marcus (@MarcusMEAddict) April 6, 2017

Let's not pretend dej bread loaf ain't biting missy Elliot wit that adidas ad
— Sinemax (@sinemaxseason) April 6, 2017

@adidasoriginals @DeJLoaf "High fashion contour meets 90s", yet you make NO mention of @MissyElliott ….y'all wack for that
— Irked & Exasperated (@TastefullyNasty) April 5, 2017

@adidasoriginals @DeJLoaf ??? Seeing how that   imagery was burned into the minds of countless Hip Hop fans over the years, it was all but inevitable that adidas Originals and Dej Loaf would get called out for appropriating the trash bag look — not to mention the black lipstick — without sending so much as a hashtag homage in the Misdemeanor’s direction. #ORIGINALis
A post shared by adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals) on Apr 5, 2017 at 7:56am PDT

@dejloaf inspires future generations to challenge what #ORIGINALis. High fashion couture meets the '90s with @dejloaf.

According to the film’s website,   Master P’s goal is to “present an authentic feel to his unique story. The orchestrators of the film, Uptown Group Pictures, plan on starting production this summer. I was excited to see the work ethic of these actors and the passion that they have for their craft.”
Dubbed as the “best rags to richest story ever told,” the film is based on The Ice Cream Man’s life story, which begins in NOLA’s Calliope Projects and ends up with the No Limit Records CEO among the most successful   independent rap   artists of all time. New Orleans, LA – Hopeful actors and actresses showed up in droves to audition for Master P’s forthcoming biopic, King of the South,   on Tuesday   (April 4). “There’s a lot of untapped talent that will get discovered. In the meantime, check out some more clips from the auditions below. Held in his   hometown of New Orleans, the audition welcomed aspiring thespians wanting to earn a spot among the cast. He is offering an opportunity for untapped talent to co-star in this film, if they have what it takes.”
“We brought Hollywood to New Orleans,” Master P said in a press release.

“The thing that we like to call ourselves is heirs to action, and that’s heirs as far as royalty, heirs to action,” he says. This is the show that I’m trying to use to get to that point, so it’s gonna be fun.”
He admits with a laugh that he hasn’t seen the Tony Award-winning   Hamilton because he can’t afford the pricey Broadway tickets. But there’s also the Lifeway issue where folks over there, they don’t wanna connect to what is authentically us as well. Only because of the nonviolent movement were they able to put to shame a lot of what was happening in Alabama, a lot of what was happening in Mississippi and that’s a powerful resource. King’s dream of bringing social justice to the world from a Christian perspective. Folks who’ve been rocking with me and it’s also the place where I kinda developed my love for Hip Hop. Bumped into an old friend today while in Nashville! A post shared by Sho Baraka (@amishobaraka) on Mar 2, 2017 at 11:05am PST

“The reality is is that I would be ignorant to think that my primary audience are those who frequent HipHopDX, but at the same time, I would be ignorant to say the people who support my music are the same people who frequent Lifeway,” he explains. “I definitely want the same type of people to come to my show. “Or what we try to do is a lot of folks try to remove the religious element from them and just make them activists. In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX from his home in Atlanta, Sho explains how the event is not your typical concert. So this is something that I’m trying to progress towards. And a lot of times what we wanna do in modern culture is we try to secularize those movements or we try to invalidate them by saying those individuals were passive, weak and tools for the government or for the white man to make docile black people.”
He continues by saying the movement, founded with two of his close friends, seeks to define King’s place in history as different interest groups try to portray him in the light that best serves their agenda. So right now I try to give it that extra bit of love.”
Enter here for a chance to win a VIP package to A Night with Sho Baraka Sunday (April 9) at Resident in Los Angeles. Usually, those are the people who are somewhat educated, but they’re not necessarily well off or rich to lower class, anywhere from lower class, middle class, sometimes upper class people, but usually educated people, people who can vibe with my music. “Not necessarily on the level of Hamilton, but something more — I guess you could say ‘progressive’ — than just a concert, but less than a full-fledged Broadway production. So when you talk about his legacy today, I think there’s a lot of people who still appreciate the movement, who still recognize his significance and the significance of those people who served alongside him and we’re trying to live that out today.”
Sho himself is facing the process of establishing his identity as an activist and a Christian. Sho says that although he’s inspired by how Lin-Manuel Miranda’s play has bridged the gap between what is often viewed as the elitist world of Broadway and the streets of Hip Hop, he has found his own core audience that he’s trying to engage. We don’t see how radical nonviolent movement is and how smart of a tool that was. “Every time I have the opportunity to go back, it’s beautiful, I love the state,” he says. “It reminds me of amazing transitions in life. Atlanta, GA – Fans across the country will see Sho Baraka’s The Narrative album   come to life on the Humble Beast rapper’s tour run, which stops in Los Angeles Sunday (April 9). And the reality is he was all of those things. So there comes a point in time where we have to start really thinking about where we fit in this world and not trying to force assimilation, but evaluating our value and what we offer and stop allowing people to appropriate us. But I think those type of people want to see plays that reflect their life and their narrative. And we have to be content with that and we have to celebrate and enjoy that as well.”
The hard work doesn’t stop, but Sho is encouraged by those who support him, especially as any Southern California show is a sort of homecoming for him. I wanna do something that is somewhere in the middle that respects the art of Hip Hop as well as respects the art of theater, but does something that marries the two worlds in a way that still has an element of a concert while at the same time displays my talent as a communicator, as a storyteller and actor. “I’m not necessarily trying to reach the elitist crowd,” he says. “I’m trying to progress to a point where I do something that not many Hip Hop artists have done, which is kinda doing like a stage play,” he shares. Or what we try to do is we try to desensitize his education and his political or his intellectual astuteness. Not necessarily me by myself, but how do people like me, and there’s a lot of us, how do we begin to navigate the worlds that we don’t fully fit in? We don’t fully fit in the mainstream market because there’s certain things about our content or our life that they just don’t wanna hear, which I get it. “There is kind of a sleight of hand effort right now to either make King and the civil rights movement very passive and saying their form of protest in civil rights was insufficient,” he says. He made headlines earlier this year when Christian bookstore giant Lifeway decided to remove   The Narrative for the lyrics “I was an insecure boy who just thought he was a genius/But always pissed off, that’s because I thought with my penis/It’s all strategic, I’m just asking us the reason/Share my faith on the track, I’m just exorcising demons.” Customers complained over his use of the word “penis,” although the point he was trying to make was much deeper than anatomy. and says his And Campaign best exemplifies how he is trying to further Dr. Family doesn’t often times get to see me perform, so when I go to L.A., I usually have a significant amount of family members that come check me out. “‘Cause when you think about King and many of the civil rights activists, they were ministers, they were people who came out of the church. So this is gonna be no different. “So if I know that neither one of those two avenues are necessarily solely for me, then I think what I need to start doing is figuring out how to develop a new lane. “This is the thing I’ve quickly realized, it can get exhausting when you’re creating these brands and these avenues and you don’t see the immediate impact and return on investment,” he reveals, “and I think that’s part of being a trailblazer and a trendsetter and I’m not trying to toot my own horn in no way or fashion, but sometimes the people who reap the benefits are the folks who come after you. This is the same thing you could say is a microcosm for the African American experience as well.”
So he has been trying to create those much-needed platforms, whether it’s through the And Campaign, his High Society music collective, or his Forth District website. He doesn’t think he’s quite found the golden ticket to success, but is hopeful that he is paving a way for the future even if he doesn’t get to   enjoy the fruits of his labor. 📸: @zoesmomma2009
A post shared by Sho Baraka (@amishobaraka) on Mar 19, 2017 at 10:39am PDT

He finds much of his inspiration from civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King Jr. He was a minister, he was an activist and he was highly intelligent and a lot of those individuals during that time were and they were radical. He grew up in the Inland Empire and shares why the upcoming performance will be another family affair. It’s not necessarily a Broadway play that has that air of New York   bourgeoisie yet still has the specification of high art while at the same time integrating Hip Hop, which I don’t consider as a low art, but integrating Hip Hop and storytelling in a way that could be respected in both worlds, but still enjoyed by people who wanna pay $30-$40 per ticket.”

•Be Yourself•Be Courageous•Be Faithful With What God has Given You………Then Be Creative!!!! How do I create new institutions? But if anything, this incident helped Sho further refine his target audience.

Baby didn’t name names in the video shared on social media, but did take a not so subtle jab at his critics. I accomplished what I never thought I could accomplish. In a video uploaded to Instagram yesterday (April 5), Birdman showed off a plaque he received in honor of Cash Money Records reaching worldwide sales of more than one billion units. This shit bigger than McDonald’s.”
In the caption to his IG share, Birdman went on to dub Cash Money the “most successful independent label In music history.”
The achievement serves as a positive shift for the label, which has been struck with lawsuits and criticized by those in the music industry   in recent years. Like for real, for real. #1B platinum plaks #BIGGA THEN LIFE #cashmoney #DONTLIE #weruntha#UPlikenootherlabeleva most successful independent label In music history #cashmoney
A post shared by Birdman5star (@birdman5star) on Apr 5, 2017 at 1:09pm PDT

“Big boy shit right here, baby. Birdman has caught plenty of flak in recent days, after being called out on Rick Ross‘ damning record, “Idols Become Rivals.” This week though, the Cash Money Records CEO has reason to celebrate thanks to a gargantuan label accomplishment. I don’t give a fuck about selling another record, bitch. A billion units,” Birdman said in the video. “I mean to say this to all you dick-sucking fuck niggas.

Aminé   – “warm on a cold night”

British band Honne released its Warm On A Cold Night album last year and has returned with a remix for the title track featuring Aminé. honne f. lil Durk f. The Thursday (April 6) edition of the   DX Digest   finds Gorillaz, Pusha T and Mavis Staples nabbing the throne with the new single, “Let Me Out,” and the new trailer for the Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez On Me, sitting comfortably in the second slot. Rick Ross – “Dr. Rozay speaks with the health expert about his 100 lbs. weight loss that was prompted by a pair of seizures Ross experienced in 2011. Watch it above. oz Appearance”

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad press, which can be the only explanation for Rick Ross popping up on the Dr. pusha t & Mavis staples   – “let me out”
As the Gorillaz continue the massive rollout for their highly anticipated album, Humanz, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have returned with another sliver of the pie in the form of “Let Me Out.” Featuring Pusha T and Mavis Staples, the soulful track finds a theme of change rippling throughout the nearly three-minute offering. tasha the amazon   – “prayer”

Lethal spitter Tasha The Amazon has resurfaced with a new video for “Prayer,” another visual reminder that the Canadian artist   has plenty of bars and she’s able to execute them all with sheer confidence. Cooper, “Prayer” is full of energy and excitement as Tasha rallies her posse to get down with her. The Get Down Part II premieres this Friday (April 7). Directed by Colin G. To promote his appearance on the show, Dr. Directed by LVTRTOINNE, the visual features the usual mansions, luxury cars and that Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous vibe, but the song is all about perseverance and not stopping until each goal is reached. In a recent interview with The FADER, the band explained, “‘Warm On A Cold Night’ has always been one of our favorites, and we thought there couldn’t be a better way to round off the first album than to re-release the track with one of our favorite artists to come out in the last couple of years.”
G Herbo   – “take me away”

Chi Town rep G Herbo has shared the new video for “Take Me Away,” which is shot in Los Angeles. DJ” featuring Hudson and Ma$e. “Let Me Out” premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show early Thursday (April 6) and during the interview, Albarn hinted there would be another album on the way shortly after Humanz and admitted he’s   sitting on 40 or 45 unreleased tracks. “I’m just sort of slowly going through all tunes that sort of didn’t work out and finishing them,” he said. Oz show. Scroll further down for new material from G Herbo, Page Kennedy and Aminé, as well as a video featuring Rick Ross and Dr. Oz and The Boss played a game of “Rather You Than Me,” where the doc introduces him to food he’s never tried before. Lil Durk and Meek Mill’s “Young Niggas” video, a clip of The Get Down Part II, and Ma$e and Jennifer Hudson   in a music video for another Netflix movie, Sandy Wexler, titled “Mr. The studio has released a third trailer, a two-and-a-half minute video that establishes the film’s central themes, including Tupac’s determination to use his voice to uplift black people and his clashes with media and the law. Ahead of its release, Netflix has shared a video for “Mr. Tupac Shakur   – “all eyez on me”

The Tupac Shakur biopic   All Eyez On Me   will finally hit theaters on June 16, which marks Tupac’s 46th birthday. Directed by Joe Moore, FoolWithTheCamera and Creative Ryan, the visual finds two kids throwing down some bets during a game of pool in between shots of Meek and Durk rapping with their posse. Meek Mill   – “young niggas”

Lil Durk recruited Meek Mill for his “Young Niggas” single last year, which comes from his   They Forgot mixtape and now, he finally has a visual for the track. “I can stay in the game for at least another 18 months, I reckon.” Humanz is expected to arrive on April 28, and also features Danny Brown, De La Soul, Vince Staples, and more. The Get down Part 2   – “clip: Toy Box”

The Get Down Part II is on its way and ahead of its Netflix premiere, another clip, “Toy Box,” has arrived, which offers another hint of what to expect from the new season. Kennedy is doing the rounds in support of his recent project, Torn Pages. Oz playing a game of “Rather You Than Me.”
gorillaz f. DJ”

Speaking of Netflix, comedian/actor Adam Sandler recently penned a deal with the media giant   for multiple films, and one of them, Sandy Wexler — starring Sandler, Jennifer Hudson, Babyface and Ma$e — is scheduled to arrive on April 14. DJ,” all make the Top 5. page kennedy   – “the cruz Show”

Weeds actor Page Kennedy stopped by the Power 106 studios to kick some bars over a Lox beat and talk about new music on The Cruz Show. CHECK OUT WEDNESDAY’S DX DIGEST. Ma$e & Jennifer Hudson   – “Mr. WANT MORE?

Stay tuned. In his Instagram post with the official tour flyer, the MC promises more cities will be added. Freddie Gibbs is taking his   You Only Live 2wice   album on the road as he announced a corresponding tour for the project. Get tickets to the   You Only Live 2wice tour here. #YOL2 #ESGN
A post shared by Kane (@freddiegibbs) on Apr 5, 2017 at 9:27am PDT

You Only Live 2wice comes months after Gibbs was acquitted over claims that he raped a woman while touring in Austria. Gangsta Gibbs has a handful of shows in Canada in April before he hits up nearly 20 cities in the United States and Canada, starting May 16 in Santa Ana, California and wrapping up June 25 in Denver. The album is the follow-up to 2015’s   Shadow of a Doubt. 'You Only Live 2wice Tour' North America Tickets: I'll be hitting more cities later.

Thank God
Running Back (f. Davido & Olamide)
Heaven on Earth (f. Phil Adé & Zyla Moon) Chris Brown, G-Eazy and Travis Scott lend their talents to the project as well. But Black is Gold. Lil Wayne)
Scarface Rozay Gotti
My Love (f. The project follows Wale’s   Summer on Sunset mixtape, which detailed his creative process out in California. Wale’s   Shine album cover art and tracklist are below. Chris Brown)
Smile (f. Last but certainly not least, Wale’s infant daughter, Zyla Moon, will appear alongside fellow DC artist Phil Adé for the finale track, “Smile.”

Black is Beautiful. Other songs appear to tap into Wale’s Nigerian roots as he also enlists WizKid, Davido and Olamide for guest appearances. Black is Black, true. #SHiNE
A post shared by Wale (@wale) on Mar 29, 2017 at 9:42am PDT

The album cover art seems to be inspired by   Zyla as it shows a baby’s hand holding a blue moon against a pink backdrop. G-Eazy)
Colombia Heights (Te Llamo) [f. Shine is made up of 14 tracks, including the single “Running Back” featuring Lil Wayne. Black is Bold. Wale’s long-awaited   Shine project is just about ready for release. His last LP was 2015’s   The Album About Nothing. J Balvin]
CC White
Fish n Grits (f. According to Hip-Hop-n-More, the album is due out May 5 after the MMG rapper has been working on it for at least two years. Travis Scott)
Fine Girl (f. Major Lazer, WizKid & Dua Lipa)
Fashion Week (f.

And when Tupac died, what did Death Row become after that? I’m not one for lawsuits and giving people relevance to any stupidity, but this one deserves my attention real good.”
Despite previous reports, which stated that Knight revealed through his lawyer that Golden and Death Row Records security chief Reggie Wright Jr. Suge Knight Jr. I already had half of Death Row, America. Zero. I have young kids that go to school. “I’m so damn sick of getting 100,000 calls about this,” Sharitha Golden said. Nothing. This ridiculous theory that I needed to get half of Death Row. For what reason? were responsible for the Vegas shooting, his lawyer has denied such claims. Sharitha Golden, the ex-wife of   Suge Knight, serves as the latest to take down claims that she was partially responsible for the death of Tupac Shakur. “I’ve been going through this for about 20 years with my oldest daughter that me and Suge have together,” she said. A downfall.”

Golden, who says her oldest daughter had to deal with criticism from others as Knight’s daughter, expressed concern for her other children due to the newly-unearthed theory. “No way in hell I would have murdered Tupac. She flat out calls the theory, which was recently featured in the documentary Tupac Assassination: Battle For Compton, “ridiculous.” Golden went on to offer a variety of reasons why such a theory doesn’t   add up. “All her high school years she got ‘Oh, your dad killed Tupac.’ It’s sad when a person can’t even put pictures of their dad on their social media because they get so many negative responses. That now gotta hear ‘Oh, your mom killed Tupac.’ Let’s stop being ridiculous. In video obtained by TMZ, Golden vehemently denied claims that she helped orchestrate the deadly   Vegas shooting   in order to take out Knight. Knight’s ex later revealed that she’s not above taking legal action over the matter. also put the fake news stamp on reports that his dad allegedly confirmed the shooting theory featured in Tupac Assassination: Battle For Compton. And now here it goes, the media done put bullcrap out about I done killed Tupac now.

XXXTENTACION has only been out of a jail for a little over a week, but he’s been economical with his time since then — dissing one of the biggest names in the game over and over. Real shit,” before clarifying, “21 Savage, I fuck with 21 Savage.”
Drake has been the subject of more than a few memes over the last several years since he’s begun dabbling in Caribbean sounds and using slang from other countries like Jamaica. Get the fuck off our dicks! We don’t want you, go back to where you came from!”
Still laughing, he asks “Whose mans is this? We don’t claim you, stop! What started as an accusation of Drizzy stealing XXX’s flow has now evolved into a more full-scale criticism of Drake’s style, slamming him for using Jamaican patois on his last few records. Facts. On the same topic, a new video from Vox suggests   the accent is part of his upbringing in the culturally diverse city of Toronto. In a video shared by DJ Akademiks, XXX goes in: “My boy a rasta now!? You are not Jamaican! I’m a real Jamaican, I’m from fucking Kingston, all of my family is from Kingston, stop stealing my people’s culture! XXXTENTACION is currently free on bail, having been charged with false imprisonment, witness tampering and aggravated battery. Ay, tell this pussy nigga Drake: stop speaking patois!

Follow my snap chat for more updates (snap DJKHALED305 ) 🙏🏽🔑🌺🦁🙏🏽 @champagnepapi …fan luv …..keep it top secret thoe
A post shared by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) on Apr 4, 2017 at 7:26pm PDT

Still, one question remains: DID the Drake vocals come in yet? DJ Khaled’s wait for the “Drake vocals” for a song from his forthcoming Grateful album has become something of a running gag on his social feeds, but it seems now as though his partner Nicole Tuck is finally sick of him asking about them. In a series of Snapchat videos, Khaled can be seen asking his fiancée (pretty loudly) “Did the Drake vocals come in yet?” while she begs him to stop as she’s trying to put Asahd (their   baby son and Khaled’s executive producer) to sleep. .@djkhaled: “Did the Drake vocals come in yet?!”
Nicole Tuck: “No and shut the f—k up!"
— Page Six (@PageSix) April 5, 2017

Drake has also had his own take on the search for his vocals, which Khaled shared on his own Instagram page:

👀FAN LUV !!! After a few rounds of this, things take a turn for the profane and Tuck tells Khaled to “Shut the fuck up,” prompting him to jokingly ask, “Do you love me?” to which she laughs and responds “Get away from me.”
Of course, Khaled is not dissuaded and keeps asking, and keeps getting the same response. I PROMISE YOU #GRATEFUL THE ALBUM ITS COMING!!!

Neva left new snoop Dogg comin soon the album
A post shared by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on Mar 11, 2017 at 11:54am PST

The Doggfather is also working on a   Coolaid movie after feeling the album wasn’t given the attention it deserved. New snoop record
A post shared by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on Apr 5, 2017 at 6:06pm PDT

He teased the LP a few weeks ago with a preview of new music. Neva left. He’s also working to help other artists, including October London and Jooba Loc, build their platforms as well as serving as a brand ambassador for Tanqueray gin. May 19th. It debuted at #40 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling just over 11,000 units upon its release in July. Snoop Dogg announced the release date for his Neva Left   album   via Instagram yesterday (April 5), saying that the the follow-up to Coolaid is due out May 19. Snoop continues to push music, releasing the “Super Crip” music video just last month. The spotlight is on the West Coast tonight with the Hip Hop world buzzing for whatever Kendrick Lamar has in store,   but even though the good kid is carrying the torch, don’t think the legends are slowing down.

He is out on bond for that case. The report continues that when she tried to get him to go away, he allegedly “hit her in the forehead with his right arm” and then punched her multiple times before kicking her. Miami, FL – As Kodak Black sits in jail for violating probation, his legal troubles don’t seem to end. The police report was filed February 2 and found by investigators Tuesday (April 4) as part of the reason the rapper violated his house arrest. The 19-year-old rapper is now being accused of attacking a woman in a Miami strip club last month, according to Florida newspaper Sun-Sentinel. It shows that charges have not been filed, but the open case details claims from a woman who bartends at   Club Climaxx   that Kodak “approached her and started acting belligerent” at around 3 a.m. The woman’s lawyers say her injuries required medical treatment and they are considering filing a civil lawsuit against the rapper born   Dieuson Octave. He is also facing charges for criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina. Kodak — who released his Atlantic Records debut album,   Painting Pictures,   last week — is behind bars for violating probation by attending a boxing match and a strip club outing.

Then a muthafucka divorce yo ass, but then you come to my shows. I was like damn, the Lord didn’t make two people the same. Pimping is going to go on and it’s going to go on and go on.”
People Love Porn More Than Amazon? He said, ‘P we done talked about this but you the only nigga that can stop pimping and still pay their bills cuz.’”
The Story Behind “Street Gospel” Cover
“I remember like it was yesterday. Then all the girls started rushing him. I thought about my mother, sister, aunts and grandmother and everybody. Here we have Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt. 30? Yeah, real talk man. These dudes been rivals since they were kids. I can play some shit for you that you would have think you heard Street Gospel 2. I’m just a sleeping bag.” I’m tired of having to water down what the fuck I want to say and that’s what I’m doing right now. I don’t give a fuck and that’s why Suga Free is still here cause niggas can pop my tape in their car because they’re scared of that bitch.”
Suga Free & Snoop Dogg’s Relationship Goes Way Back

“We go far back. Let me tell you something man. Right? I got beautiful women in my family. You know Pomona dirt. Y’all going to think I’m a fucking monster ’cause boy. That’s them hush puppies. Dogg know when I’m getting ready to leave the room. Human trafficking darling. Los Angeles, CA – Though the birthday of Suga Free’s classic debut album   Street Gospel doesn’t hit until next month, Sean Healy, The Hundreds and White Label Radio held a show at Los Globos celebrating its upcoming 20th Anniversary over the weekend. I got a saying which is a bitch will pay a light pole meaning she just want somebody with her.”
Leaving Pimping Behind For Music

“I’d be a fool not to believe that my name is at the top of some big pimp organization or whatever. So, I stopped and I got scared when I stopped. I didn’t have much time. I’m like pussy will sell on the moon. It was in my face. I think my nigga is one of the tightest niggas to ever touch the microphone, but Too Short is my favorite rapper. I bet when his regulars come around and he get that dicked sucked   unless it’s your favorite bitch. Yeah, I think it’s pretty fucked up that you can just snatch a fucking baby and then go get married and then end up with three more kids. We were in North Carolina one day and I was off stage breathing hard. If this nigga was a blanket, he’d be a velour. I didn’t have time to think about nothing. We’re calling ourselves the bus clinic because you know I got this saying that I’m so tight with my spitting right now. We were in line waiting for this for years. I’m going to tell you exactly how he told me. I know nobody out there is working harder than me.”
What The Women In His Family Thought About His Music
“’Fuck you bitch’ is a universal language of men. Quik was playing the tracks and I was like God damn. Now maybe I was wrong for that because I missed my son, but underneath all of it, I don’t give a fuck. It sounds so immoral and sounds just so bad when this is done by choice and not by force period in the first place. Ain’t nobody making these bitches do this shit. My dick getting hard talking about this. It sounds like you got a bunch of bitches crammed up in a van. If I’m not sweating like this, I feel like I haven’t done my job. My pimp friends like Pimpin Young — I said I felt funny man. He was looking and peeking. Snoop is smart. Snoop look just as cool and calm getting on stage as he does getting off. The porn or sex industry is a $3 billion dollar a year business now. I didn’t give a fuck about what they thought about what I was saying about some women. It’s crazy. If you’re French it’s [faux French]. Right now, you know we’re putting together Planet Capricorn and I’m working on The Resurrection,   my record featuring Tiptoe and Drezel. You understand what I’m saying to you? Bitch you want to come talk business to me at my job? I can talk to you. Human Trafficking Laws Changed The Pimp Game
“These muthafuckas done switched the laws to human trafficking. Titled “20 Years of Pimpin,” the sold out event featured Pomona’s greatest procurer perform fan favorites including “I Rather Give You My Bitch,” “Why You Bullshitin’?” and of course “If You Stay Ready.”
Following the hour set, Suga Free   sat down for an interview with HipHopDX Associate Producer Ural Garrett where he talked about everything from leaving the pimping world to become an artist   and his relationship with Snoop Dogg to the status of Street Gospel 2. I looked at him and said you always calm when you get out stage and he just laughed. Y’all muthafuckas know I’m a beast. Them niggas wicked on the mic. That means that pussy sells more than cocaine.”
He Will Not Do “Street Gospel 2” Without DJ Quik

“[Quik] would have to produce it. How old are you? “Porn is downloaded more than Amazon. You know how many times I had to get security to get that bitch? You ever had some pussy so good you cried in it? That was smooth and when we were taking the picture, I remember the owner of the hotel, he didn’t think we was there for what we were there for. Following our time with one of West Coast Hip Hop’s greatest former pimp-turned-rapper, here are seven takeaways from our interview. I looked at the little sign and it was written on the window in marker no loitering here. You see I get off stage drenched in sweat. Imagine what that sounds like to a bunch of white people. If you’re an MC and you out here rapping, you better watch him.