Suge Knight Says He Knows Who Killed Tupac
Reports said Suge Knight partially blamed his ex-wife,   Sharitha Golden, of being the reason Tupac isn’t here with us today. Read more here. “I’d be a fool not to believe that my name is at the top of some big pimp organization or whatever,” Suga Free explained. “Because it’s the most authentic,” he said. I never heard of anyone dying like that and I think it was just the greatest thing.”
Editor-at-Large Shirley Ju somehow found The Cool Kids   among the hustle and bustle of SXSW and was able to secure an interview where Chuck Inglish candidly gave his opinion on why people love Frank Ocean and Chance the Rapper so much. What we do know is,   Tech N9ne   is hoping to get a record with Billy Joel and Em soon. It's been a long time… #7elevenseries
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Fans are hoping Em will be dropping a new album on that date. He said, ‘P we done talked about this but you the only nigga that can stop pimping and still pay their bills cuz.’”
Sho Baraka is bringing his   album   The Narrative   to life on Sunday (April 9)   in Los Angeles. It’s like going to a different channel.”
Los Angeles legend Suga Free had a show at Los Globos March 31 and DX was lucky enough to snag an interview with the iconic rapper. This is the show that I’m trying to use to get to that point, so it’s gonna be fun.” chimed in on Instagram to let it be known that his father would never knowingly put ‘Pac in danger. The pre-order option is available on iTunes. Everything is from the heart and completely from their own thought process. Yeah, it ended up   just being a release date for his new album. His good friend,   Too Short, shared exclusively with DX what his last moments were like. He kept saying, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you,’ then he told her to kiss him and as soon as she kissed him, he grabbed his chest and took his last breath. The story was quickly shot down by the mogul’s lawyer, who said the story was “fake news” and he did not help Knight pen the alleged affidavit. They want to hear the music you made for yourself, so we can tune in. I’m going to tell you exactly how he told me. “Frank don’t take a lyric off. Golden has gone on record denying the theory and is considering legal action   while   Suge Knight Jr. He spoke candidly with Associate Producer Ural Garrett about everything including why he left the pimp world for music. Needless to say, Twitter wasn’t very pleased   with the   news   that they’ll have to wait a whole week for some new Dot. Though it’s not clear what the name of his fourth studio album will be. He told   his colleagues they have until that date to have their shit together. Dre passed away. Also, drama ensues around reports saying Suge Knight revealed who really killed the late Tupac Shakur and rumor has it that Eminem just might be releasing new music. Details for Lamar’s album include a rumored tracklist with featured work from producers Mike WiLL Made-It, The Alchemist, 9th Wonder and Teddy Walton, among others. Read more here. “Humble.” is the only song listed in iTunes under what’s been titled “ALBUM” and pitch black album cover. “I’m trying to progress to a point where I do something that not many Hip Hop artists have done, which is kinda doing like a stage play,” he shared with Senior News Writer Victoria Hernandez. People want to hear what your world sounds like, not what you’re trying to make for them. “Not necessarily on the level of Hamilton, but something more — I guess you could say ‘progressive’ — than just a concert, but less than a full-fledged Broadway production. Kendrick Lamar Album Gets   Official Release Date
Kendrick Lamar had the whole world thinking that he was dropping his next project April 7 after his ending line on “The Heart Part IV” basically put Hip Hop on notice. “[L.A. U2 and Canadian group   BADBADNOTGOOD are listed on the official credits. No fans wants to hear music made for them. “He spent some time with his wife and right before he passed, she said that he told her to lean over and he was rubbing on her face. But then again it’s Slim Shady, so you never know what he has under his sleeve. Knight allegedly revealed that he was the true target on that fateful night, twisted in a plot to take him out so Golden   and his then bodyguard, Reggie Wright Jr., could run Death Row Records together. Eminem & Paul Rosenburg Tease Fans With The Idea Of   New Music
April 9 is seemingly the date scribed on the palm of Eminem’s hand when he was photographed with Peter Rosenburg at a 7-Eleven convenience store this week. “So, I stopped and I got scared when I stopped. His show production will be a new experience as far as concerts go. Dre’s wife] said that he got off the phone, and that he was in a really, really, really good mood,” Short explained. DXclusives: Too $hort, The Cool Kids, Suga Free & Sho Baraka
On Monday (April 3), Ruthless Records affiliated producer/keyboardist L.A. I wanna do something that is somewhere in the middle that respects the art of Hip Hop as well as respects the art of theater, but does something that marries the two worlds in a way that still has an element of a concert while at the same time displays my talent as a communicator, as a storyteller and actor. HipHopDX – This week in Hip Hop, Kendrick Lamar announced the release date of his forthcoming album. Same thing with Chance. Read more here. My pimp friends like Pimpin Young — I said I felt funny man.

THIS WINS. The Metro Boomin-produced song was confirmed by the RIAA to have sold 500,000 units and features a sample of Tommy Butler’s “Prison Song.”
The challenge has sparked an amazing number of videos that have been flooding social media timelines in recent weeks, showing off some amazing range from talented young musicians across several disciplines. – Yaaaasss he did that!! 🔥@1future #maskoffchallenge
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this wins. #MaskOffChallenge
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CHECK IT OUT!! Check out some of the best #MaskOffChallenges below. And it wasn’t just about the music as some users posted some elaborate dance routines as well. The album’s biggest track so far, “Mask Off,” was just certified gold by the RIAA amid the still-buzzing #MaskOffChallenge on social media. Future‘s self-titled fifth studio album had fans clamoring to name their favorite tracks just hours upon its release in February. The viral event will undoubtedly keep Future’s album sales robust, as the self-titled LP and its follow-up, HNDRXX, both debuted at #1 in back-to-back releases. "Mask Off" @1future #RizOshe #MaskOffChallenge #BlackGirlSymphony #ViolinCover
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This sounds so sick #MaskOffChallenge 🤙🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿
— TOM 🤷🏾‍♂️ PETTY (@TJ_Bass316) April 3, 2017 In the #MaskOffChallenge, fans have been mimicking the flute-tinged melody of the song using a variety of instruments including violins, flutes, and keyboards.

In   an Instagram post, he revealed that the project is due out April 14 and he’s “airing everybody tha fuk out.” What appears to be the cover art for   NuPac is a collage featuring photos of   both Ave and Tupac in similar situations from their shootings. Media personality Taxstone was arrested in January in connection to the shooting. a few media outlets with hidden agendas against us real ones done twisted what i said, and thru lemons in hopes of covering & preventing my true message from gettin thru to the masses! Tupac was shot at New York’s Quad Studios in 1994 where he was hit five times. Never Wait out the storm Y'all! Dope Boy Troy was also victim of a shooting during Christmas when he was hit in the arm and head while going to visit his family in Brooklyn. I'm airing everybody tha fuk out! ….. He compared himself to the West Coast icon because of the shootings he’s been involved in the past few years, including the Irving Plaza shooting where he was hit in the leg and his bodyguard was killed. Troy Ave (born Roland Collins) raised eyebrows when he said he was the second coming of Tupac earlier this week in an interview with   The Breakfast Club. Go Dance in The Rain💯 With that said on Friday April 14th Ima drop this [Street Album] titled: Dope Boy Troy (vol.2) #NuPac! He then died two years later after a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. The Hate can't effect me cause I'm fearless, dedicated, faithful & righteous! The BSB rapper is taking the claim a step further by announcing a new album called   Dope Boy Troy Vol.2: NuPac. He released the Roland Collins project while he was behind bars. well ya Dope Boy Troy gon twist those into Lemonade & Serve it Cold! These Ain't No Photoshopped Pictures, This My Real Life
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Ave is out of jail on $500,000 bond and still facing charges stemming from the Irving Plaza shooting.

The streaming wars intensify as Jay Z   makes a move to push fans toward his TIDAL platform and removes his entire solo discography from Spotify. Carter,   Kingdom Come   and his last solo LP, 2013’s   Magna Carta… Holy Grail. Jigga had previously removed his debut album,   Reasonable Doubt,   from Spotify in 2015 shortly after announcing his acquisition of TIDAL in a star-studded press conference. Jay is reportedly working on new music and has been seen in the studio with Zaytoven and Rick Ross. 3: Life and Times of S. In a statement to The Verge, Spotify said the music was removed ““at the request of the artist.”
The report also said that Hov had removed his catalog from Apple Music, but many of Jay’s albums remain on the competitor’s platform, including   The Black Album,   Vol. Read “What Will Jay Z’s Next Album Sound Like?” for nine theories of what to expect from Hov’s new LP. 2… Hard Knock Life, Vol. A year later, he pulled the   Blueprint   trilogy from the rival and the newly-founded Apple Music.

From their first meeting to the day Tupac died, The Doggfather expressed the importance of remembering his humanity. Strong and bold. “It’s the fact that he never shied away from it. With an unapologetic voice, Pac embraced those contradictions that proved we ain’t just a character out of someone else’s story book. See some of the performances below and read Snoop Dogg’s entire speech at Rolling Stone. That’s why when we got together we really were two of America’s most wanted. “While many remember him now as some kind of thugged out superhero, Tupac really was only good and he represented through his music like no one before,” he said, according to a transcript from Rolling Stone. Dre was the coach and me and Pac were the stars on the court making history every which side. Courageous and afraid. I mean it was amazing that his momma was so strong and loved so hard.”
The event then turned into an honorary performance where Alicia Keys performed “Changes,” “I Ain’t Mad at Cha,” “Dear Mama” and “Ambitionz As a Ridah” then YG joined Snoop for a rendition of “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.” Treach performed “Hail Mary” and T.I. He had just gotten out of jail. Ms. Now, with us it was like he joined the Lakers. Shakur are embedded in my mind,” Snoop said. Brooklyn, NY – Tupac is officially a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as he was inducted posthumously last night (April 7) at the ceremony held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. I get a white Rolls Royce with that creamy white interior and Pac, he went out and bought a black one with the same thing.”
Snoop honors Tupac's mom, who comforted him in the aftermath of Pac's death #RockHall2017
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He also paid tribute to Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, who comforted him after Tupac’s death in 1996 at the age of 25. Snoop Dogg handled the honor as he reflected on his friendship with the West Coast icon. Although the label’s legacy will forever be one of controversy, the Long Beach legend explains what the team dynamics were like, even revealing Suge sent them parasailing in South America “to get away from all the drama.”
“I told Suge Knight, I said, ‘Suge get Pac out of prison and have him come join our team at Death Row Records,’” Snoop recalls. paid his dues with “Keep Ya Head Up” while dressed in a bandana and leather vest. Hard headed and intellectual. #RockHall2017
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T.I. Dre. To be human is to be many things at once. Shakur   passed away in May of last year, but her son forever immortalized her in his song “Dear Mama.”
“Memories of Ms. It was always just him. “Right after I heard Tupac got shot I immediately flew to Vegas. We were catching cases simultaneously. Revolutionary and – oh, yeah I’m getting fucked up.”
Snoop shared what it was like to make music with Tupac. performing "Keep Ya Head Up" for the Tupac induction #RockHall2017
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Embed from Getty Images We were young, rich, and rock stars but we were also young men black men with targets on our back. I was so weak I damn near fell over and his mom came over to me and she grabbed me and she held up and she said, ‘Baby, you to to be strong.’ I went and sat next to him and I whispered to him telling him I love him and to hold on and he was going to be OK and even in that moment his mom was thinking more about me than herself and showed me how to love strongly. I had just beat my case. The two were labelmates on Suge Knight’s Death Row Records with Dr. #RockHall2017 #CongratsTupac
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Treach of Naughty By Nature performs "Hail Mary" for Tupac's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Loving and vengeful. He wore it like a badge of honor. That's just the way it is, things will never be the same 🎶 @aliciakeys honoring @2pac at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Ceremony #RRHOF2017 (I have the same birthday 🎉 as Tupac!)
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.@SnoopDogg and @YG pay tribute to Tupac with '2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted' live at the @RockHall. “He never had a team before.

As far as history in battle rap, these two contenders have more than most other possible pairings. Tay Roc will be his biggest test yet, and whichever man wins will have added a   huge victory to boast about. That said, a lot has changed with URL and its fans since his last performance for the league in June 2014. T-REX vs K-SHINE

The main event of main events, literally. Let’s a take a look at the card and find out. T-Rex and K-Shine were Dot Mobb partners for roughly a decade,   backing each other up both inside and outside of the ring. T-Rex’s reputation as a legend and a vet stretches back further than Shine’s, but in recent years Shine has held his own with the heavyweights as T-Rex has lost the previous consistency that had people putting him in the   GOAT category. Why is NOME 7 generating such hype this year? Check for live updates too. This means that you’re guaranteed an A-Game performance every time from the Virginia rapper. BRIZZ RAWSTEEN vs ILL WILL
Fans are expecting a high-octane clash between Brizz Rawsteen and Ill Will, two rappers known for their combative, and occasionally humorous, style. AVE vs SHOTGUN SUGE

#NOME7™ | SOLD OUT | Sponsored By: @caponecigarillo + @yakman302 | REX X SHINE | ROC X CHESS | GOODZ X TTOP | SUGE X AVE | BRIZZ X WILL | 04.08.17 | Irving Plaza | 17 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003 | Log.On URLTV.TV/NOME7 | #youcantcopyrespect™
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Many in the scene regard Ave as the next big thing   — so it makes sense that you’d put the golden boy of the URL against one of the league’s best-known bullies. JAY BLAC’S BREAKDOWN
Check out battle rap blogger Jay Blac’s video breakdown of the card for more info, or at least shake his hand. Those who’ve been paying attention to the battle game might still think of the teenaged MC as an upstart, but the fact is that his resumé is already stacked and only getting more impressive   with each opponent. For a dude who was considered Rookie of the Year in 2014, T-Top has become a fearsome prospect, developing a well-rounded style and looking strong against top competition. This time it’s the vet who’ll need to bring his best to make sure he can keep pace with a rapper who has shirked off the “rookie” tag at an unprecedented pace. Tickets are sold out, but you can get the live pay-per-view here. The last time Brizz stepped onto the NOME stage was last year when he showed out against Arsonal and made himself look like Da Rebel 2.0. This year, demand for tickets has been so high that the league has broken with tradition and decided that the event will be available to stream on pay-per-view, having sold out New York’s 1,000 person-capacity Irving Plaza several weeks in advance. The Baltimore vet goes   against the Bronx on Saturday as he takes on Chess, whose string of aggressive performances (the most recent   against Ave) proves that he’s capable of   rocking the big stage. Standing in front of Brizz Rawsteen for three rounds and walking away with the W would be a forceful step in the right direction. Goodz has always been somewhat under-appreciated in the game — the kind of rapper who can deliver solid performances against the likes of Hollow Da Don and Aye Verb and whose swagger both on stage and off   is unmatchable. He took a long hiatus from the league but has since returned and will be looking to fulfill his former potential. Goodz vs T-Top is no different. New York, NY – Battle rap is bracing itself for the seventh annual installment in the Ultimate Rap League’s Night Of Main Events, going down Saturday (April 8). Shotgun Suge is most famous for his aggression and huge   presence (literally and figuratively), and there’ll be no shortage of tension on stage when he goes against Ave. Ave’s last few battles have already generated huge hype and, unlike most big names, he hasn’t taken any battles on smaller leagues since coming to the URL stage. This one is no David vs Goliath, this a titan vs a titan in the making. TAY ROC vs CHESS

From his early battles with Shotgun Suge and K-Shine, to his rematch   against Charlie Clips, to his role in the legendary 2-on-2 performance with Tsu Surf vs NWX, Tay Roc has carved out a reputation for himself in the battle game that any newcomer would envy. There’s a lot on the line for Ill Will who was, arguably, seen as a more worrisome opponent three years ago when he won BET/URL’s Ultimate Freestyle Friday tournament and had a classic battle with Tay Roc. But after some tension that ultimately led to Shine’s departure from the crew, the two will settle their differences on the stage. Who will have the upper-hand on Saturday remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: this match-up   has the right ingredients for a classic. Despite coming out of their Funk Flex faceoff looking like the more capable MC, that’s no guarantee Goodz will get the better of North Carolina’s T-Top in their battle. GOODZ vs T-TOP

With NOME 7, URL has put together a card where not a single battle is easy to call.

In many ways, it makes a statement. Also, it’s almost entirely self-produced, which is super impressive. Here are 10 of the most conscious and socio-political quotes from the project. Let's keep pushing! 🇺🇸🇺🇸💰💰💙🙏🏾❤
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Cover to cover it’s packed with scorching political commentary. The word “woke” is used a lot these days, but 22-year-old Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ — who recently sparked debate after claiming he could flame 2Pac in a battle — is taking the term to new heights on his latest effort   All-Amerikkkan Bada$$. Highly anticipated by his core fan base, and a great consolation prize for those who were disappointed Kendrick Lamar didn’t deliver on something he never actually promised anyways, the album is just as great as we collectively imagined it would be. to Eric Garner, only right I show respect/Nowaday they hangin’ us by a different tree/Branches of the government, I can name all three/Judicial, legislative and executive/Lock your pops away, your moms, then next the kids/It’s all consecutive.”
“It’s clear we livin’ in hell, the life of a black male/Right out the womb, you come out, and it’s a bunch of blackmail/Just waitin’ for you to fail, a special room in the jail/With your name, a number on it so you property now/I see it properly now, it’s what the poverty ’bout/It’s all a game of Monopoly, tryna cop me a house/An elephant in the room until I fit in my tomb.”
“And they judgin’ just because my skin color is brown/And for that, they wanna leave me dead in the ground/And have the nerve to blame it all on my background/Sorry white Amerikkka, but I’m about to black out.” It’s a timely collection of anti-establishment anthems that anyone who considers themselves keeping it real should play on repeat. #AABA out now!! So to be clear, we have the #1 hip hop album right now and #4 overall in the world. From the album title right down to the to the tracklist — which deliberately appears in all caps — this is Joey asserting his status as the leader of the millennial revolution. If you haven’t already, you can stream it now! Kendrick’s delay was probably a blessing, as the album is soaking up every bit of shine it deserves. Why we always gotta spar for?”
“Time is running up, feel the burn in my gut/And if you got the guts, scream, ‘Fuck Donald Trump’/We don’t give a fuck, never had one to give/Never will forget, probably never will forgive/Uh, I guess that’s just how it is/And they still won’t let the black man live.”
“Call me the general, pushing that new agenda through/For my millennials, troubled youth and the felons too/Tryna be perennial, but chance of livin’ is minimal/She critical, exactly what made my niggas criminals.”
“Fifty years later, still see my brothers choked to death/R.I.P. “GOOD MORNING AMERIKKKA”
“Now, what’s freedom to you? Let’s talk about it, take a minute, think it through/I’m all about it, but the concept seems new/The coppers still shoot us down on Channel 5 news/Lock us up for anythin’ we do to pay dues/ Some of us woke while some stay snoozed.”
“They don’t wanna see you fly, they just gonna shoot your wings/Everything ain’t what it seem: Wishin’ all these dirty cops, would come clean/Still swervin’ on these city blocks, for one thing/My man just copped a 30 shot, protect the team, know what I mean?”
“Tell me how we gon’ make a livin’/Hustle on the block, who gon’ save the children?/Man it’s all a plot and I’m just revealin’/The media just tryna make a villain.”
“Sometimes I speak and I feel like it ain’t my words/Like I’m just a vessel channeling inside this universe/I feel my ancestors unrested inside of me/It’s like they want me to shoot my chance in changing society.”
“Know it must hurt for you to see me evolve/Why you gotta kick me down on all fours?/Why you can’t stand to see me stand tall?/Tell me why we got a war?/Why we gotta fight? Just how   woke is Joey you ask?