Bruno Mars – “That’s What I Like” – 76,657 (726,167)
#3. Big Sean   – “Bounce Back   – 17,016 (448,207)
#10. Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” Goes #1
Although TDE’s biggest star didn’t exactly go as avant-garde as he did with his last album, it appears that fans are appreciating the straight-forward approach from the Compton lyricist. The Weeknd f. Calvin Harris   – “Slide” f. Kendrick Lamar –   “Humble”   — (111,176) (debut)
#2. Kyle – “iSpy” f. The single had the highest Billboard Hot 100 Hip Hop debut since 2010. The Hawaiian crooner’s “24K Magic” title track single from his latest studio album is also resting comfortably in the Top 10 at #6, selling an impressive 1,376,934 copies overall. Drake — “Passionfruit” — 21,135 (70,650)
#8. Future — “Mask Off” — 32,361 (167,752)
#5. The track also debuted at #1 on the Billboard Digital Genre R&B/Hip-Hop charts for the week ending April 6, while Bruno Mars and The Weeknd continue to duke it out over the next two spots with their long-lasting presence. Bruno Mars – “24K Magic” – 25,117 (1,376,934)
#7. Over 111,000 listeners put their dollars behind the song, but it remains to be seen if it will have staying power beyond the week. Future’s “Mask Off” is creeping up on The Weeknd at #4, and Kyle’s “iSPY” swaps spots with Future Hendrix at #5. Lil Yachty – 32,001 (417,754)
#6. The Top 10 R&B/Hip Hop   Single Sales For Week Ending 04/06/2017
#1. Rihanna – “Love On The Brain” – 20,020 (820,241)
#9. Bruno Mars Gets Knocked Down A Peg To #2
Bruno Mars’ fun, sugar-sweet single “That’s What I Like” has been booming on the charts for 20 weeks now and has sold over 726,000 copies so far.   Big Sean’s “Bounce Back” made a big leap from #14 last week to #9 this week despite 23 weeks on the charts, and Drake’s “Passionfruit” has been holding at #7 for the past three weeks. Mike WiLL Made-It’s swirling track was a far more conventional choice than expected but it has managed to connect with fans even though some of the lyrics caused a mild bout of controversy over respectability politics. Migos & Frank Ocean   – 16,821 (113,183) Kendrick Lamar shook up the Hip Hop world with his single “Humble”   and the release of his latest studio album, DAMN, has put the industry under its spell. The Weeknd Hangs Around For Second Week At #3
The Weeknd’s “I Feel It Coming” is another 20-week workhorse that won’t quit, with fans still throwing their support behind the Daft Punk-assisted single. Daft Punk – “I Feel It Coming”   – 37,068 (640,269)

on Sunday (April 16) in front of a lively crowd, proving to be a highlight of the entire two-day event   and one of the better title matches in recent memory. #history ………… I feel it was two one. It's crazy. They didn't give me the win, but thank you all for the support. My favor. I'm coming home with the Chain
A post shared by Head I.C.E (@therealheadice) on Apr 16, 2017 at 2:31am PDT

The match went down in Toronto around 1:30 a.m. Both MCs executed their game plan effectively, though I.C.E’s often densely coded street talk and always-intimidating presence was too much for   Rone’s more dynamic writing and rapid-fire delivery. So? Harlem’s Head I.C.E won the KOTD   title against Philly   defender Rone to become the   first black champion for the league, as well as the first from New York. Toronto, Canada – King Of The Dot’s Ice Age has begun. Makes me feel like a winner. — adam ferrone (@_rone) April 16, 2017

Catch the full replay of the live pay-per-view here. First Black Man with the Chain. Head Ice won that thing? The unofficial post-battle poll was razor close, though the 6-1 judges’ decision wouldn’t necessarily indicate that. Title matches are historically held at Toronto’s twice-annual marquee events, but it’s still too soon to say exactly when I.C.E will make his first defense. Rone addressed the loss on Twitter, thanking his fans for their support. — Alchemist (@Alchemist) April 16, 2017

Rone wasn’t without his celebrity endorsements though…
Staying up late to watch @_rone win this & the plethora of guys in the hat/sweatpants combo has been well worth it @KingOfTheDot #blackout7
— Asa Akira (@AsaAkira) April 16, 2017

As for what’s next for the chain, the league’s   #1 contender is widely considered The Saurus, who was also named   over the weekend as the 2016 KOTD Battler of the Year. — BattleRapDotCom (@battlerapdotcom) April 16, 2017

The battle was debatable enough that it set off “robbery” calls from Rone fans and (the usual) conspiracy theories about judge selection (who were approved beforehand by both MCs). 💯 #KOTD
— ROYCE (@Royceda59) April 16, 2017

salute my g @Headice congrats. In that time, he’s become a staple of the Canadian-based platform and has shown it to be his first priority for battling. Going into the title match I.C.E definitely had more momentum, becoming a fan favorite after a long string of impressive showings since his league debut against Pat Stay in 2012. I.C.E brings a new Hip Hop pedigree to the chain, regularly getting co-signs from industry MCs like   Ghostface Killah and Fat Joe, as well as congratulations from Alchemist and Royce Da 5’9 for his win.

Lif also call the label home. What it’s about is building 150% of your fan base each time out and growing. Despite people seeming to blow up instantly with a SoundCloud hit or catchy radio single, Tolle insists there’s always a backstory for an artist that the public might not know about. A lot of our best artists sold near nothing on their first albums — even ones considered classic with time. I stayed awake at all hours because music was wonder.”
He encourages artists to have this same grind. But I never felt tired. Open Mike Eagle, Quelle Chris, L’Orange and Mr. “The myth of the overnight success is bullshit,” he continues. You are going to need people to do it with you.”
Read the whole interview with Mello Music Group’s Michael Tolle at JRECOGNIZE. In an interview with JRECOGNIZE, the Tuscon native shares his story of perseverance to make his company a family. I’m talking a few hundred records total. “I remember being made fun of for dark circles under my eyes and being called raccoon face because I hadn’t slept in so long. You are building a career in music for a lifetime, not trying to win the lottery or get drafted to the NBA for a four-year run.”
That model has proven successful as Oddisee made waves with his album,   The Iceberg earlier this year after winning HipHopDX’s Underrated Album of 2015 with   The Good Fight. Apollo Brown also made his mark by working with Skyzoo on the popular collaborative project   The Easy Truth. Tucson, AZ – The independent lane is wider than ever. “Everybody needs a team,” Tolle says of an artist finding success. “I slept three to four hours a night, seven days a week for a solid four years,” he says. “The best put out great records to start and got ignored. “Call it a label, or your family, or whatever, but you can’t do this without directors, photographers, graphic designers, sound engineers, artists, distributors, radio people, DJs, producers, emcees, singers, PR people, marketing, advertisers, agreements, paperwork, taxes, accounting, and the whole nine yards. The label was founded in 2007 by Michael Tolle, who admits he got his start in music late, but his passion for the art fueled his desire to make a business out of it. Even though Chance The Rapper is the face of the movement, winning several Grammys off his   Coloring Book “mixtape,” there are several others in the game paving the path, including Mello Music Group.

“Of course, I love Nicki forever. HIPHOPDX – This week in Hip Hop, Kendrick Lamar bestowed upon the Hip Hop world DAMN., but not without a leak first. She one of the coldest Hip Hop females ever, along with Nicki.”
EDM DJ Destructo gives HipHopDX some insight on why he made his recently released EP Renegade. If you like techno, you stay over there. here. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne Under Investigation Over Cuban Harry Drug Ties
Miami producer   Harrison “Cuban Harry” Garcia   haphazardly posted his illegal moves on Instagram and consequently got busted for selling drugs by Homeland Security. A wire transfer from Breezy in the amount of $15,000 was also traced. If you like rock, you stay over there. Despite his lawyer trying to portray him as a kid who tries to be harder than he actually is, jurors still made the decision to convict him. Put sounds together. He will be sentenced on June 3. This past week’s The Breakdown with Justin Hunte explored all of the rappers who are inspired by Tupac. Among his buyers were reportedly Chris Brown and Lil Wayne who Garcia says he sold “a lot of narcotics” to. “I’m so humble and down-to-earth. They like what they like.”
Latin rap duo Las Rakas hail from The Bay and they spoke with Senior News Writer Victoria Hernandez about the Oakland Raiders becoming the Las Vegas Raiders and how it affects them as loyal fans. Stream Kendrick Lamar’s   DAMN. This should place him at #9 on the Billboard 200 chart. dropped, it leaked. The people who follow me, listen to my music or come to my shows are renegades to because they want something different. DXclusives: G Herbo, Destructo, Los Rakas & The Breakdown
Catching up with Chicago artist G Herbo at SXSW in March, the “Pull Up” rapper tells HipHopDX that he credits Nicki Minaj for helping to get his career off the ground. It’s Remy Ma. Then, Joey Bada$$ sales projections for   All-Amerikkkan Bada$$   were announced. Read more here. Kendrick Lamar Releases “DAMN.”
Hours   before Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. “We’re loyal. Also, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne found themselves under investigation for their association with alleged drug dealer Cuban Harry who sung like a Canary at trial and still got convicted. Now kids like everything. Joey Bada$$ “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$“   Sales Predictions
Joey Bada$$’s All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ was released   last Friday (April 7) and now the sales predictions are officially in. “I feel that most people that do music are cookie cutter and they copy,” he tells Associate Producer Ural Garrett. And a business decision didn’t matter about our loyalty. All 14 tracks. They’re renegades. Everything is for money. “My whole attitude with making music or throwing festivals is to be different and mix and match things that you wouldn’t know goes together. I look up to Nicki Minaj, of course, she helped jumpstart my career,” he said in an exclusive interview with DX’s Shirley Ju. Yup. Hits Daily Double   predicts that Joey will   move 24,000-27,000 units and 31,000-34,000 SPS. The politically-charged album delivered “woke” in music form, spearheading the Black millennial revolution. From Troy Ave comparing attempts on his life to ‘Pac’s last days to even teen heartthrob Lil Zane, Hunte looks at the Battle of the Tupac-A Likes from all angles along with Scarface and   E.D.I. Mean. I was going to walk up to her and get a picture. It didn’t matter it has a great vibe.”
There’s no way Rich will be rooting for his hometown’s old team in the future. But I thought I just seen Remy Ma in Miami. Read more here. “We’re there every year, whether they’re winning or losing,” Raka Rich says. It didn’t matter about the people. That’s where the world is going now. Cuban Harry used his Instagram to promote his services under the handle   “Muhammad_A_Lean” as he allegedly pushed marijuana, Xanax and cough syrup. Everything is for money. .@dangerookipawaa @TopDawgEnt @kendricklamar @miyatola @iamstillpunch Blame Target for the leak haha
— PincheChewster (@PincheChewster) April 13, 2017

Rihanna, U2 and Zacari are the only features on the project and production has been handled by the likes of The Alchemist, 9th Wonder, Teddy Walton and   Mike WiLL Made-It, who blessed the lead single “HUMBLE.”
After DAMN.‘s   release, it appears Kendrick’s “loud and abrasive” artwork   designed by   Vlad Sepetov has become an afterthought following all of that harsh criticism. Back in the day, if you liked rapped, you stay over there. Fans weren’t too happy about it and quickly pointed out that a Target employee may have   been the culprit. The 22-year-old addresses every tough social justice issue from socio-economics to racism.