Joe does think it’s a   good strategy though and cites the impact of   Lil B’s I’m Gay   album   as an example. Joe Budden has made his opinion on Hip Hop’s new wave of rappers crystal clear: he doesn’t like them. The 19-year-old Grammy-nominated artist, who is used to this kind of criticism, responded with a tweet of Lil B’s diss record aimed at Budden from six years ago called “T Shirt and Buddens” as his “mood.”
My Mood 🎶🎶🎶
— lil boat kot* (@lilyachty) April 25, 2017

Joey apologized to Yachty fans on his podcast Tuesday (April 25) and responded to Yachty’s tweets by praising Lil B’s 2010 diss. He’s just having fun everyone! “I don’t think that Yachty’s label [Capitol Records] is Hip Hop. Joey recently took aim at self-proclaimed King of Teens, Lil Yachty, on Complex’s “Everyday Struggle” series by calling him a “troll.”
He specifically shared his disdain for Yachty’s Teenage Emotions album cover, which embraces diversity and is representative of what society would consider social rejects. 5.26.17
A post shared by KING BOAT (@lilyachty) on Apr 20, 2017 at 11:24am PDT

“I don’t think that Yachty is Hip Hop,” Budden   said. Mood …. nigga lol
— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) April 25, 2017

Lmao just having fun
— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) April 25, 2017

That Lil B diss still hard all these years later tho lol
— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) April 25, 2017 When you’re not Hip Hop   and you’re trying to just troll or exploit, you get things like this album cover.”
The “Pump It Up” rapper then suggests Lil Boat is pandering gays and is ruining the Hip Hop culture.

One thing that hadn’t seen much discussion   were the details around the official soundtrack for the film, set to be distributed by Summit Entertainment. It’ll be a Treach record. It will not be any bullshit mumble rap on this soundtrack.”
Watch the trailer below. as one of Hip Hop’s most celebrated and controversial figures, who recently just got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I was suppose to do a song with Tupac called ‘The Struggle Continues’ but we never got to do it because he passed but that was my bro so rest in peace to him and Afeni.”
DJ Quik was in attendance performing alongside Suga Free and Hi-C and spoke with DX about being consulted for the All Eyez On Me soundtrack and the time he spent mixing the 1996 Diamond-selling classic. It’s an All Eyez On Me double CD giving new opportunities to a lot of different people alongside some marquee acts. I was in studio B and he was in studio A. @snoopdogg @dazdillinger @kuruptgottidpg #dpg4lifemovie @alleyezmovie #alleyezonme #2pac #tupac #weworking
A post shared by LT HUTTON (@lthutton) on Apr 20, 2017 at 7:19pm PDT

“There is a soundtrack, but [it’s also] a tribute soundtrack,” said Hutton. Inglewood, CA – After years of delays, director changes and much controversy, Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me is heading to theaters June 16. “About the All Eyez On Me soundtrack, we got a Tupac song that I did with me, Shock G and Treach of Naughty By Nature,” said Numskull. There will be a Rappin 4-Tay record. All Eyez On Me is necessary and puts a timestamp on one of the greatest rappers. It’s a melting pot of Tupac’s vision. “So people get to pay homage and it’s not a bunch of songs that you already heard and know already. You will not hear on this soundtrack anything that doesn’t have substance. “That’s going to be great. “I’m mad that Tupac didn’t make more records and live more days on earth because All Eyez On Me had me and Dr. “We got a song on the soundtrack called ‘Homie Love,’” said Kam. Hutton, who gave some serious information on the project, from paying tribute to the original’s double disc format to guest features. The Benny Boom-directed film stars Demetrius Shipp, Jr. I did it straight for this.”
Later on, DX also spoke   with West Coast Kam at the concert, who said his contribution to the soundtrack is a family affair with his son and nephew. It all kicked off when Luniz   member   Numskull had this to say about his possible contribution to the soundtrack. Tupac wasn’t about that. I’d put the DAT in and listen to ‘California Love’ before the world heard it. Dre in the studio like, ‘You want to go home tonight’ and he’d be like, ‘I got it,’” said Quik. Lil Wayne never got to rap with Pac. Late last year, he even clapped back at John Singleton after the director who was once attached to the film made some unfavorable comments about the movie. HISTORICAL MOMENT!!! “You have to stay true to the roots of the West Coast and who he really rocked with,” he said. “My vision would be — me and E-40 talk every day so there’ll be a 40 record. Dre would come back and send me a DAT of ‘California Love’ to my room. What would you say to Pac and how would you pay tribute. Over the weekend, however, DX Live’s Jake Rohn got a chance to speak with several West Coast legends during this year’s Krush Groove event at The Forum in Inglewood about just that. It’ll be the truest form of what it is. He was more than rap but a sum of his parts.”
The biggest revelation of the night came from producer L.T. So in the Pac spirit, what kind of song would you create? Same thing with Kendrick. It’s going to be epic. I swear to God, I think I must have lost an eyeball or tooth listening to that shit. “Dre would leave and I’d be there mixing a bunch of records. No disrespect to any of those people who do that, but we weren’t about that. So the soundtrack is a tribute album to pay homage and to keep the legacy of Tupac going.”
During the interview, Hutton also said to expect some of Tupac’s peers to make appearances and that the music will be filled with substance. Hutton has been the pointman for the All Eyez On Me film for several years and was one of many responsible for putting the biopic into production. “I produced the track.

Every time he’d come to Atlanta, he’d hit my phone. I wanted that s*** to sound just as crazy. entailed, including how the pair initially crossed paths in 2012 via a connection Mike shared with ScHoolboy Q. I wanted it to sound like he’s battling the beat.”

Other highlights of the interview include how “HUMBLE.” was a record Mike WiLL initially wanted for Ransom 2 but K-Dot’s team told him to keep it for the album and got the producer’s blessing. “I didn’t want the beat to just sound like a regular boom-clap, boom-clap. “Just imagine him a cappella rapping the second half of ‘DNA.’   and I had to build a beat around that,” he explained. “At this time, I hadn’t really heard of Kendrick,” he said. Check out Mike WiLL Made-It’s full interview by here. Mike WiLL Made-It explained that Q made the introduction to K-Dot during a stop in Atlanta and began the first of their attempts to work together. The first two tracks they worked on also happened to be DAMN.‘s first singles and Mike WiLL Made-It shared how he crafted the second portion of “DNA.” around Lamar rapping without a beat. Another interesting revelation was that “HUMBLE.” was crafted with a recently-released Gucci Mane in mind but was artfully intercepted by Kung Fu Kenny. “So I went to the studio with him [and] played him a bunch of beats. Or when I’d come to L.A., I would always link up with him.”
He went on to say that while his attempts to provide tracks for good kid, m.A.A.d city and To Pimp A Butterfly didn’t connect, they finally found some cohesion when Lamar began work on his latest opus. The Ransom 2 mastermind sat down with NPR and shared what his involvement with DAMN. The Atlanta producer provided the heat for DAMN.‘s first two singles, “HUMBLE.” and “DNA.,” which shifted gears from the heavily orchestrated sound present on To Pimp A Butterfly. Mike WiLL Made-It gave Kendrick Lamar some of the most aggressive production many have heard the Compton superstar rhyme over.

I love you Dad. “I am in tears and my heart is heavy. I'm just glad I made it here. “This morning, my father passed away,” he wrote on Instagram. Dad you are my hero. The doctor came in and said he's stable, but hasn't had anything to eat in 10 days. #familyfirst
A post shared by XZIBIT (@xzibit) on Mar 16, 2017 at 12:29pm PDT

He later hit social media to show appreciation for fans reaching out in support. Wrapped last night at 4am from @empirefox, hopped on the first thing smoking, to get to my father. HipHopDX expresses our condolences to Xzibit and his family. This is tough. #semperfi”
In March, X to the Z revealed through the social media site that his father was suffering from an unidentified illness and hadn’t eaten at that point in 10 days. Despite slowing down on the music front with his last release being The Murder Show   alongside Demrick and B-Real as The Serial Killers, Xzibit has continued to rise as an actor. Earlier Tuesday morning (April 25), Xzibit made the announcement that his dad had passed. Hopefully I can get his spirits up and get him to eat something. Thank you for everything you taught me, how you raised me, how you challenged me, how you loved your family. I don’t have the words right now. This includes his ongoing role on Empire, which got renewed for a fourth season, and a starring role on the recently released film   Grow House with Snoop Dogg and Lil Duval.

After daily back and forths about Kweli being hypocritical, and accusing him of lying to his followers, Bekay attempted to broadly discredit him, claiming that they were acquaintances, having toured together and been in the same studio. When pressed for names, one affiliate was brought into the mix, yet he clearly wasn’t having it, and debunked the fact that these affiliates were in fact connected to D-Block. (@NovelNatural) April 25, 2017

@therealsnyplife @NovelNatural @TalibKweli @TheRealBekay He looking for some bro love. Oh Hip-Hop too ??? AND @diabolichiphop , AND @RAtheRuggedMan ,@FORMALDAHYDE#REALHIPHOPSOUND
— Bekay (@TheRealBekay) April 25, 2017

As of Tuesday afternoon (April 25), they’re back to arguing online. Brooklyn devowed him. — Talib Kweli Greene (@TalibKweli) April 19, 2017
To Bekay’s credit, the two were billed as part of the line-up for the 2011 Hip Hop Kemp festival in Czech Republic. Kweli   — and his fans — called shenanigans.
— ©ory ®oesel (@roeselli) April 19, 2017

playin urself like usual, I said we was on same tour + bunch of us broke bread #FACTS + here is 1 , now what? — ghost (@therealstylesp) April 24, 2017

Bekay had a few last words, and for a short while, seemed to be going back to focusing on his upcoming LP. Get back over to SoundCloud son. Receipts. none of this happened your a lying ass groupie FOH @therealbekay — Talib Kweli Greene (@TalibKweli) April 19, 2017

@TalibKweli @TheRealBekay He doesn’t know Talib but sure was trying to get Talib to remember how he knows him..? @TheRealBekay gonna start off with being a gent as much as possible @TalibKweli is my brother from a diff mother don’t play with my family!! Who the fuck are you? — Talib Kweli Greene (@TalibKweli) April 24, 2017

@TheRealBekay I still wish you peace and blessings but don’t play your self please WE into moving forward and kweli is DBLOCK remember that! granted..I also told him they’re not Dblock.. Hardest out. Bekay’s issues with Kweli are an apparent byproduct of Kweli’s long-lasting Twitter conflict with New York rapper Diabolical (one side of which is documented in an essay on Cue Point   and the other in a diss track on SoundCloud). how? The Seven. Follow Bekay and Kweli on Twitter for the latest. However, the degree to which they associated is unclear, and it can hardly be considered full on touring. Late Sunday (April 23), though, he took it a step further, claiming he was hanging out with D-Block associates who were clowning Kweli’s recent online activity, which is somewhat controversial considering Kweli’s   latest collaboration, The Seven, is with Styles P. — ghost (@therealstylesp) April 24, 2017


@TheRealBekay 2nd of all fall back that man is a pillar in this thing of oursYOU don’t understand or overstand that you don’t belong here
— ghost (@therealstylesp) April 24, 2017

@therealstylesp @TheRealBekay ?? — Bekay (@TheRealBekay) April 19, 2017

@TalibKweli @TheRealBekay He’s giving you #alternativefacts
— Javasia Wiggins (@LadyJishere) April 19, 2017

@TheRealBekay @Jr_rotem why are u tweeting me, lying to ppl saying we toured together? yo @TalibKweli keep my name out ur mouth, i’ll do the same altho i have ZERO respect for u i’ll still be the bigger man, i wish u well bye — Bekay (@TheRealBekay) April 25, 2017

now back to that AUDIO CRACKOLA MYSELF. U a liar. ghost a real one. Why u on my dick so hard? Nah. He’s worked with some bonafide legends,   won competitions, appeared on 106th & Park‘s Freestyle Friday, and rocked plenty of stages. RT @TheRealBekay: @TalibKweli @KimberlyBrown21 AND THEN U FAKED HALF A TWEET
— Talib Kweli Greene (@TalibKweli) April 24, 2017

@TheRealBekay @TalibKweli @therealstylesp @OFFICIALDBLOCK I usually NEVER entertain this type of shit but be my guest tell me who told u dat n I’ll tell u if they wit us — SNYP LIFE ( DBLOCK) (@therealsnyplife) April 24, 2017

@TalibKweli @TheRealBekay @ablogaboutagirl So this is my final say..
— SNYP LIFE ( DBLOCK) (@therealsnyplife) April 24, 2017

@therealsnyplife @NovelNatural @TalibKweli @Tenggareesje Talib have a nice life son, I wish u well, get better man, maybe some meds salute @therealsnyplife will hit u back soon as i talk 2 Jay #1 — Bekay (@TheRealBekay) April 25, 2017

@TheRealBekay @therealsnyplife @TalibKweli @Tenggareesje Whatever a Bekay is. — Mary N (@Tenggareesje) April 25, 2017
Styles P eventually stepped in and set the record straight. PERIOD✌? There was significant back and forth following this wave, with Bekay holding his ground with a cobra clutch. His latest feud is a drawn-out saga that has him going back and forth with Brooklyn’s Bekay, a seemingly well-connected MC with a verified account.
— ???????? No matter who you are or how many followers you have, if you come at him sideways, he’ll check you. I know who he’s talking about.. Twitter – It’s not news to anyone with data on their mobile device that Talib Kweli goes hard on Twitter. “I never met him but we recorded together”? Twitter is not the platform for sticking your chest out, I have more reach here.

Check out the video and Qbert’s Instagram post above, and pre-order the reissue here. Octagonecologyst, which includes 28-tracks, five previously unreleased cuts, three vinyl records, an octagonal box, and a 40-page booklet written by author Brian Coleman. Octagonecologyst, to critical acclaim, a coveted project considered a classic by most Hip Hop aficionados. “You know what? I’m about to get misty. Octagon record meant to me. While performing at Denver’s Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom alongside fellow Dr. Octagon,” Lif said. “Not to mention Kool Keith is one of my favorite MCs of all time — slept on in some cases, but he’s one of the most influential MCs to ever bless a microphone.”

I ❤️ Denver! First of all, that’s when I first came into contact with the work of Dan The Automator and my homeboy Qbert … that shit blew my mind. A post shared by kyleeustice (@kyleeustice) on Apr 25, 2017 at 11:59am PDT

“Brand new Dr. Octagon coming out,” he added. “To be here years later and know there’s brand new Dr. I’ve gotta   tell y’all how much that Dr. Mr. @dan_the_a and @therealmrlif killed it + that sacred energy in Colorado made me feel like I was skratching in a beautiful dream! Lif, who just happened to be in town with Thievery Corporation, jumped on the mic as well to talk about the album’s significance. On May 19, the Get On Down record label plans to release a vinyl reissue of Dr. Octagon material being finished in an interview with HipHopDX last week, the celebrated producer took it a step further on Saturday (April 22) night and confirmed an entirely new Dr. Denver, CO – Although Dan The Automator alluded to fresh Dr. 🌀🙃🌀Afterwards, I had the nerd out session and kut it up w my boy @chriskarnsmusic at his dope crib!🤓 Thank you god!🙏🏼
A post shared by Dj Q-bert@ThudRumble@ispiklz 👾 (@djqbert) on Apr 23, 2017 at 7:45pm PDT

Comprised of Kool Keith, Qbert and, of course, Dan The Automator, Dr. Octagon album was finished. Octagon member DJ Qbert, he stopped to ask the audience, “Can you guys keep a secret?” before making the announcement. Octagon released one album in 1996, Dr.

Incoming, current or graduate students from Berklee College of Music, Howard University, Parsons School of Design and Spelman College are all eligible to participate. Queen Bey will offer four scholarships to “bold, creative, conscious and confident” young women who are studying creative arts, music, literature or African-American studies at select colleges. Now, Houston’s global pop star has established the Formation Scholars awards for the upcoming 2017-2018 academic school year in celebration of LEMONADE‘s one-year anniversary. Interested scholars should refer to their respective colleges on how to apply and for deadlines. It was a year ago that Beyoncé unleashed LEMONADE to the masses and the rallying cry of “Formation” was heard around the world. Spelman students, for example, must submit a 300-word essay and evidence of work in their particular field of study to be awarded $25,000.

In the accompanying video, the   OVO logo is prominently displayed next to images of a trophy and skyscraper, which most likely represents   New York City’s Empire State Building. In 2014, he hosted the   Espy Awards, and is an official ambassador for the Toronto Raptors. Toronto music titan Drake took to Twitter on Tuesday (April 25) to announce he is the new host of the first ever NBA Awards Show, which is scheduled to go down on June 26. Check out the Twitter post above. “Hosting first-ever NBA Awards on TNT, June 26th–tune in,” he wrote.
— Drizzy (@Drake) April 25, 2017

The inaugural event will hand out several trophies awarded to NBA players in categories like Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, Sixth Man Award, Defensive Player of the Year, Most Improved Player and Coach of the Year, in addition to fan-voted categories. This isn’t the first time Drake’s hosted a sports-related event. The finalists will be announced Thursday (April 27) during TNT’s Inside the NBA. Alongside Drake, the   Inside the NBA studio team — Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal — will be on deck to assist in the event. Hosting first-ever NBA Awards on TNT, June 26th – tune in. He will also act as a producer of the upcoming awards show.

Deadline reports that the Long Beach duo is currently shopping a television show based on the Cali-based group to television networks nationwide. Our perspective is honest and unique. In regards to the series, Dillinger explained that he and Snoop can provide an “honest and unique” perspective on Tha Dogg Pound and Death Row Records. “We saw Dre leave, Pac murdered, and we were forced to run the company when Suge Knight went back to prison. More specifically, the dramatic series will take inspiration from Tha Dogg Pound documentary, DPG Eulogy. Comprised of Daz Dillinger and Kurupt, Tha Dogg Pound was formed in the early ’90s and went on to drop numerous albums, beginning with 1995’s Dogg Food. There are countless stories that the world has never heard about those early days.”
The series will be executive produced by Kenya Ware and Damien Zellous, the same team behind DPG Eulogy, which was released in 2005. “Snoop and I are always being asked to assist others with their Death Row projects because we were there from the beginning, until the demise,” Dillinger told Deadline. The story of Tha Dogg Pound could be the next Hip Hop-inspired tale to get picked up for   the small screen, if Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger have their way. The pair was signed to Death Row Records in their early years, but eventually split with the label.

Funk Flex, who is a host   on New York City’s Hot 97, didn’t seem to take too kindly to the remarks, posting   them on his own Instagram with a caption that said “Post and delete,” alongside a pretty conspicuous-looking emoji. Desiigner has put out several singles   this month but so far none have come close to the   impact of his mega-hit “Panda.” That song is currently at #100 after 64 weeks on the Digital R&B/Hip-Hop single sales chart, while newer songs “Up” and “Thank God I Got It” are nowhere to be seen. The screenshot has been shared by several Instagram accounts, though the tweet is now deleted. A post shared by FunkFlex (@funkflex) on Apr 23, 2017 at 5:17pm PDT

While Desiigner’s motivations remain unclear, it could have something to do with the same issues that   Joey Bada$$ brought up in an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning   earlier in April where he said that young artists aren’t being given as much of a platform as the vets when it comes to radio. The 19-year-old rapper, famous for his track “Panda,” hasn’t taken it any further since removing the original tweet, but Funkmaster Flex still caught wind of it and shared it. “Panda” and “Tiimmy Turner” are Desiigner’s only tracks to hit Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop Airplay chart   too. Brooklyn rapper Desiigner allegedly tweeted “Fuck NY RADIO” followed by four middle-finger emojis on April 22. Or, maybe it was just a strategy to get more radio plays, and it might have worked…
Lol Desiigner called out NY radio yesterday, Envy plays his song in the mix today 😂
— LeeJohn Ball (@LeeJohn_BNS) April 25, 2017

Octagon — Kool Keith, Dan The Automator and DJ Qbert — titled “RedEye,” which is one of five previously unreleased tracks included on the upcoming Dr. They’ve shared one of the tracks,   “Shine A Light”   featuring   Thaddillac, which was recorded and mixed by Blood at Protect and Exalt Labs: A Black Space in Seattle. The video serves as a precursor to his next full album, The Motion Picture Soundtrack. In the meantime, check out “RedEye” above. Music from Shabazz Palaces, TrakkSounds and A$AP Ferg, GoldLink and L.A. Featuring MC Fiji, the raucous track is taken from his forthcoming album, Trilliam 2. Falcons f. As the vinyl reissue of the album inches closer to its May 19 release date, one of the five unreleased tracks included on the project, “RedEye,” has made its way to the internet. The track comes from Big Boi’s upcoming solo album, Boomiverse, which is expected to arrive this summer. A$AP Ferg – “Never Tipsy”

Houston producer TrakkSounds has linked up with Killa Kyleon, A$AP Ferg and Maxo Kream for “Never Tipsy,” which pays homage to the late, great Pimp C. Curren$y   – “Chu Saiyan”

Curren$y has returned with yet another video, this time for “Chu Saiyan,” which is taken from his latest mixtape, The Fo20 Massacre. trakksounds f. The thunderous track touches on the hardships of maintaining healthy relationships while on the road via modern technology. producer Falcons, Wale and PnB Rock, Well$, and Lecrae co-signed artist Aha Gazelle also makes the cut. chance The rapper   – “waves (Live)”
Yo @chancetherapper just performed his original version of Waves live WOW @TeamKanyeDaily
— Carlo Miguel (@MIGGGGA) April 25, 2017

Chance the Rapper kicked off his tour Monday night (April 24)   at San Diego’s Valley View Casino Center, where he performed material from Coloring Book, as well as a couple tracks from Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo. mc fiji – “momma house”

Signed to Lecrae’s label, Reach Records, New Orleans native Aha Gazelle has surfaced with a fresh single, “Momma House,” a nearly four-minute track with animated   single art. Check out Monday’s edition here. Shabazz Palaces   – “Shine A Light”

Shabazz Palaces plans to drop Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star, the duo’s third album, on July 14 through Sub Pop. Octagonecologyst vinyl reissue. WANT MORE? Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star is the follow-up to 2014’s   Lese Majesty. Octagon moniker —   Dr. pnb rock   – “dilemma”

Wale and PnB Rock have teamed up for the “Dilemma (F*cking Tonight)” video, a track that will end up on an upcoming mixtape from Wale and DJ Luna. Closely behind is a performance of “Mic Jack” from Big Boi on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a live video from Chance The Rapper’s San Diego show, and Curren$y’s new visual for “Chu Saiyan,” which round out the Top 5. well$   – “rosé”

Charlotte, North Carolina-based MC Well$ is back with his latest single, “Rosé,” which is produced by Vacay and Tommy Coyote. wale f. Goldlink – “boo you know”

Los Angeles-based   producer Falcons has enlisted GoldLink for “Boo You Know,” which was released via Fool’s Gold. This marks his first offering since 2016’s “XXX.”
Aha Gazelle f. The collaborative track comes from TrakkSounds’ new album,   The Other Side. With over 23 million cumulative streams to date and performances   with notable artists like Travis Scott, Metro Boomin and Kaytranada, he’s poised to have a breakout year. One particular Twitter user captured a live rendition of Lil Chano’s own version of “Waves,” which can be seen above. big boi   – “mic jack (Live)”

Outkast MC Big Boi stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon   on Monday night’s episode (April 24), where he performed   “Mic Jack,”   one of his two new singles. Octagon material is on the way. Dr. The two linked up last month on their Before I SHiNE project. The DX Digest for Tuesday (April 25) finds a new track from Dr. Octagonecologyst. Dan The Automator recently spoke to HipHopDX and assured fans that brand new Dr. Octagon   – “Redeye”
Gifted producer Dan The Automator, otherworldly MC Kool Keith and one of the best scratch DJs in the world, DJ Qbert, came together in 1996 to deliver their magnum opus under the Dr. Although Maroon 5’s Adam Levine sings the hook on the recorded version, Sleepy Brown, who co-wrote the song, handled the live performance.

Terrible! Will you please send us more info via DM? Ivanka’s father, President Donald Trump, famously tweeted at the time that his daughter had been treated “terribly” by Nordstrom. There’s been no word on whether Mike WiLL Made-It took his complaint any further, or whether Nordstrom took any action. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2017 — Mike WiLL Made It (@MikeWiLLMadeIt) April 23, 2017

@MikeWiLLMadeIt We'd like to check into this, Mike. The general Nordstrom Twitter account reached out to the man behind the number one hit in the country right now — Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” — and asked him to tell them more in their DMs. Santa Monica, CA – Super-producer Mike WiLL Made-It accused Nordstrom   Santa Monica of being “racist af” on Twitter this weekend, though he didn’t expand on the claims. My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. Yo @Nordstrom 's Santa Monica is racist af! — Nordstrom (@Nordstrom) April 23, 2017

The call-out follows hot on the heels of Drake blasting   The Madison Club in La Quinta, California as “the most offensive place I have ever stayed in my life with staff who pick and choose who they are going to accommodate based on racial profiling.”
Nordstrom featured heavily in the headlines earlier this year when they dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line from their stores over weak sales. — Donald J.

Was 12 tracks aka the first sack, aka the first of two LPs
— IG: @JaysonRodriguez (@jaysonrodriguez) April 25, 2017

Not sure when second drops or if both will drop same time. — IG: @JaysonRodriguez (@jaysonrodriguez) April 25, 2017

Additionally, fans can expect guest appearances from Gucci Mane, Travis Scott, and Kurupt. Big Boi said it's a big boom theory aka Big Bang. Killer Mike, who is featured alongside Big Boi and Jeezy on the newly released “Kill Jill” single, makes another appearance on Boomiverse with “Made Man.”

“He has a record with Killer Mike and Kurupt called Made Man and Big Boi and Mike rip shit…Another record features Gucci Mane and La Flare is [100 emojis],” Rodriguez wrote in two separate tweets. #New Album #BOOMIVERSE Coming Soon! Some tweets from journalist Jayson Rodriguez, who was at an album preview held by Atlanta rapper Big Boi,   have offered a great deal of insight into the OutKast lyricist’s next studio album, titled   Boomiverse. He has a record with Killer Mike and Kurupt called Made Man and Big Boi and Mike rip shit. “Big Boi previewed his new album Boomiverse tonight at Electric Lady Sound in NYC. A reset. — IG: @JaysonRodriguez (@jaysonrodriguez) April 25, 2017

It was just last week when Big Boi announced on Instagram that a solo release titled Boomiverse would be “Coming Soon.” His last solo album came with the release of 2012’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. So good. But damn I marvel at his flow. Organized Noise co-produced entire LP. It’s unclear if this is evidence of a double album from the Southern wordsmith or two separate releases. Rodriguez, who was present at the New York City listening event, revealed that the album might feature two LPs. In addition to working with Big Boi on Boomiverse, Organized Noize have been hard at work on their own album, the ONP EP, which is scheduled for release on May 5. — IG: @JaysonRodriguez (@jaysonrodriguez) April 25, 2017

Another record features Gucci Mane and La Flare is 💯💯💯
— IG: @JaysonRodriguez (@jaysonrodriguez) April 25, 2017

On the production end, Big Boi will reunite with renowned Atlanta beatmakers Organized Noize for the project. Sounds like vintage DF vibes but modern. A post shared by Big Boi (@therealbigboi) on Apr 19, 2017 at 9:52am PDT Was 12 tracks aka the first sack, aka the first of two LPs,” Jayson Rodriguez tweeted yesterday (April 24). Big Boi previewed his new album Boomiverse tonight at Electric Lady Sound in NYC.

Don’t Get Caught Slippin’ Without Your Kandypen

Have A Moment To Chill? Directed by Daniel Cz and executive produced by Andrew Listermann, the video finds all three artists vying for the attention of particular young lady, who barely wants to give them the time of day. Kandypens   was named best vaporizer of 2016 by High Times due to its combination of popular technology and flashy design. After the woman is eventually offended by something he says and walks off, he raps about his self-proclaimed   sexual prowess between the sheets. A clear winner has been chosen — Kandypens is the go-to choice for vaping in the Hip Hop and Rap community. Starting off with a shot of some dudes   kicking it on the stoop listening to their boombox, the video for   Jeremih latest single, “I Think Of You,” with   Big Sean, & Chris Brown,    features a disc jockey announcing the track from   the aptly titled I Think Of You FM Radio station. Watch “I Think Of You” above. Puff On That Kandypen

Jeremih and Big Sean can be added to the ever-evolving list of high-profile artists that cosign Kandypens, including DJ Khaled, 21 Savage, Fat Joe, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, French Montana, Nas, Kanye, Young Thug, Tyga, Jadakiss, K-Camp, Kid Ink, and Fetty Wap. Jeremih leads the charge with his verse, which is followed by Breezy’s and finally, Sean comes through with the last verse and proves his confidence level is through the roof. When You Want To Look Fly…Sport That Kandypens Hat

Trying To Holler? With Kandypens, fancy liquor and plenty of dance moves, the engaging video retains its infectious energy throughout the nearly five-minute offering.

“HUMBLE.” debuted at #2 earlier this month and was the highest-charting rap song since 2010 when Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie” hit the same slot. This comes the same day as   DAMN. It opened with 603,000 equivalent album units for the highest debut of 2017 yet. cut   was streamed 67.4 million times, is the song’s third   appearance on the chart and is Kendrick’s first time ever topping the list. The accolades keep raining on Kendrick Lamar as Compton’s good kid grabs the #1 spot on this week’s Hot 100 chart   with “HUMBLE.” This sales cycle, where the   DAMN. Besides that, all 14 tracks from K.Dot’s fourth studio album reached the Hot 100. streaming count below. View Kendrick Lamar’s   DAMN. The storytelling gem of “DUCKWORTH.” rounds out the list at #63. tops the Billboard 200 chart, Kenny’s third straight #1 album. tracks and their positions on the Hot 100 chart along with U.S. “HUMBLE.” is followed by “DNA.” at #4 with 51 million streams as the only two cuts to make the top 10. #1 “Humble.” (67.4 million)
#4 “DNA.” (51 million)
#14 “Loyalty.,” featuring Rihanna (32.2 million)
#16 “Element.” (31.3 million)
#18 “Love.,” featuring Zacari (29.3 million)
#32 “Yah.” (24.5 million)
#33 “XXX.” (23.3 million)
#35 “Feel.” (22.5 million)
#37 “Pride.” (21.8 million)
#42 “Lust.” (20.2 million)
#50 “Fear.”   (17.6 million)
#54 “Blood.”   (17.3 million)
#58 “God.” (16 million)
#63 “Duckworth.” (14.1 million)

… There’s not a reason I don’t smoke. If I want to relax, I probably just sip some wine and do some music. “Africa was amazing,” he says. With the beautiful sun setting in the backdrop, the phrase “Issa Vibe” couldn’t have been more fitting. Let’s do this, let’s do this, let’s hit this corner. This was an attempt to bring the NYC roots to downtown L.A. So I just want to display it to the world.”
Ferg also provided an update on A$AP Mob’s Cozy Tapes Vol. HipHopDX arrived on the scene in the late afternoon to find the Traplord himself up on the rooftops in all white sweatsuit. …   I can’t take no sides. “And wouldn’t be able to perform for y’all, so I’m not going to do that.”
Because Nicki Minaj recently dropped her “No Frauds” music video, fans were wondering if A$AP Ferg’s single “East Coast” with Remy Ma had him supporting one over the other amid their beef. Los Angeles, CA – It’s April 20, otherwise known as 4/20, the national weed smokers’ holiday. His latest collaboration, @officialtraplord x @shopuniform, includes 10 pieces, all of which retail for under $200 and benefit children in need. That’s how I relax.”
While Ferg may not partake, leave it to the A$AP Mob to pick up his slack. Let’s get all the Dominicans that’s on Broadway. "I want these kids to know that they are lords and that they can become the highest of the high." Tap the link in our bio for the full story and your exclusive first look at the limited-edition streetwear capsule. My getaway is lyrics and music. It could have been either one of them [on the track], honestly. "The aesthetic of Traplord was built on the fact that I didn’t have anything," Ferg notes. “I’m always reppin’ New York and Harlem,” he says. Some people smoke to calm themselves down or relax. A post shared by Vogue (@voguemagazine) on Apr 21, 2017 at 3:00pm PDT

Stay tuned for Still Striving, A$AP Ferg’s   follow-up to   Always Strive and Prosper. And each piece of garment that we sell will be a uniform on a kid’s back in Liberia.”

With new music out in May and an official creative director title at @shopuniform, @asapferg is making 2017 a year of breaking ground and, perhaps more important, giving back. What better way to celebrate than with good music, skateboarding, some barbeque, and a performance by A$AP Ferg? Photographed by @arnold_daniel. A bunch of friends getting together, getting the munchies. “[Nicki’s] from New York. “I got enough smokers in my crew, so I probably have secondhand smoke by any means,” he admits. I was putting kids in uniforms. “I went to Liberia. Quickly joined by Ferg’s DJ TJ, the conversation began with Ferg reminding everyone surrounding that he does not smoke weed, but still enjoys the day. And we don’t have enough footage on it. After Ferg catered to his fans, signing autographs, taking pictures and observing the skateboard action, we head downstairs to a private room for some peace and serenity. 2, the highly-anticipated follow-up to Cozy Tapes Vol. I just grew up in a place that I love so much, to the point where it’s like, I see beauty on every corner. I can’t help it. Remy Martin is from New York,” he says. “Most of my videos I’ve ever shot is in Harlem. Oh let’s go to Amsterdam, get all the black people that’s on Amsterdam.’
“It’s a whole culture that I feel like people never get enough of. “I wish I knew how to skateboard, but I’d probably kill myself,” he laughs. An excuse to party on a school night, today was the Dopeland skate jam presented by Doperoots and Traplord. Oh we didn’t go to Broadway yet. Nicki’s from New York. And he also leaves it to others to do the skateboarding at his event. “So that’s what it means to me. “Everything is getting mixed.”
Besides music, A$AP Ferg reveals he’s using his platform to give back to the community as he shares a quick recap of his recent trip to Africa. “See I don’t smoke weed, but I know that weed brings people together internationally,” he explains. “We got some stuff we boiling up right now,” he says. Shout out to Uniform, I’m doing a Traplord collaboration with them that y’all should be seeing real soon. 1. “I still call her Remy Martin. It’s like both cousins.”

That New York blood carries Ferg everywhere he goes, even out here in the City of Angels. I see a crack in the street with a little plant growing out of it and I be like, ‘Oh, let’s shoot here.

Migos is hovering just outside of the top 10 with Culture sitting at #11. has   the biggest debut week the Billboard 200 charts have seen this year thus far. as the Nielson SoundScan report is in. K-Dot officially goes #1 with his latest studio album, DAMN. Top 10 Billboard Top 200 Rap & R&B Albums For The Week Ending 04/20/2017
Note: The first number below is this week’s “total album equivalent units” count, an intersection of album sales, single sales, and streams implemented by Billboard’s new rating system. – 603,322 (352,766) [340,632,953]
#2 John Mayer   – Search For Everything   – 132,474 (119,977) [13,256,809]
#3   Drake –   More Life   – 87, 394   (9,542) [105,079,580]
#4   Ed Sheeran   – Divide   – 65,983   (25,504) [40,627,318]
#5 Chainsmokers   – Memories…Do Not Open   – 61,149 (25,210) [37,995,422]
#12 Playboi Carti   – Self-Titled   –   31,690 (6,793) [35,595,839]
#13   Kodak Black   — Painting Pictures   — 30,908 (1,647) [39,238,180]
#15 Post Malone —   Stoney   — 28,300   (2,022) [30,277,639]
#19 Big Sean   — I Decided. To Pimp A Butterfly had an amazing 49 percent jump from #109 to #50 on the sales chart, while his official studio debut Section.80 is at #179 with a 58 percent boost from the previous cycle. The monster introduction of the Compton rhyme slinger on the charts pushed Canadian superstar and alleged rival Drake down to #3. Playboi Carti’s self-titled debut hit at #12, while Post Malone hangs around again at #15 for the second week in a row. Beleaguered   South Florida rapper Kodak Black’s latest, Painting Pictures, dropped 20 percent and now sits at #13 after debuting at #3 three weeks ago. Kendrick Lamar is riding a wave of momentum that began the moment he dropped “Humble” earlier in the year. Drizzy’s entry at #3 knocked Ed Sheeran’s Divide down to #4 and the Chainsmokers’ Memories…Do Not Open dropped   72 percent from its #1 debut last week to #5. More Life moved over 87,000 total units for the week, and will undoubtedly   hang around for a while yet once the visuals pour in for some of the project’s big tracks. While that’s impressive on its own, all four of K-Dot’s albums are charting in the Billboard 200, with folks revisiting good kid   m.A.A.d. The Compton star’s latest studio album, DAMN., moved just over 603,000 equivalent album units with over 352,000 actual album copies scanned. Future’s self-titled album is still sitting pretty at #8, while the Fate Of The Furious Original Soundtrack debuts at #10 with the movie selling over $1 billion worldwide. Joey Bada$$ and Kodak Black Fall On The Charts
Joey Bada$$’s sophomore studio album, All-Amerikkkan Bada$$, fell 65 percent from its #5 debut from last week to #22. city to the tune of boosting the album to #27 on this week’s chart, a 37 percent increase in sales. A pure album sales figure is available in bold in parenthesis and information about each album’s streaming count is available in brackets. This means DAMN. Drake’s “More Life” Falls To #3
Drake’s More Life playlist took a 19 percent drop in sales and landed him at #3, right behind the latest from singer and guitarist John Mayer, Search For Everything, which lands at #2. The Brooklyn phenom still moved over 17,00 equivalent units for the week. #1 Kendrick Lamar   – DAMN. Kung Fu Kenny Goes #1 With “DAMN.”
Kendrick Lamar’s new moniker surely means that he is a master of the music and not martial arts and that counts for something in the album sales game. — 21,112 (3,585) [21,652,308]
#22 Joey Bada$$   – All-Amerikkkan Bada$$   – 17,539   (7,952) [13,465,689]

According to media mogul David Cho, West wanted each song title on the joint album to feature the N-word, but Hov nixed the idea. To get to the juicy bits we reported on, hit the :34 and 1:50 marks. After discussing a chance meeting in California where he met his idol, Kanye West, the conversation switched to how Cho once played Jenga with the other half of The Throne. “‘We’re gonna put the N-word in every single title of this album so everyone has to say it and they have to confront it,’” Cho recalls Kanye saying. Check out David Cho talk Kanye West, Jay Z and much more on ItsTheReal’s A Waste Of Time podcast below. But things got interesting when Cho spoke about Yeezy’s insistence on adding the N-word to the album. Cho suggests adding the N-word to that title was perhaps a compromise. He adds that Jay Z   wanted to rename WTT’s mega-hit “N*ggas In Paris” to “Ball So Hard” but West pushed back and wanted what would become the current title. Cho, the former publisher of Grantland and co-founder of The Awl, sat down with brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, collectively known as ItsTheReal, for their podcast, A Waste Of Time. During the wide-ranging chat, which included talk about Cho hob-nobbing with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Pharell Williams, Timbaland, and Tyrese, the focus got rightly weird when the discussion turned to the development of Watch The Throne. It isn’t hard to imagine that Kanye West usually gets anything he demands, except that wasn’t the case with his collaborative project Watch The Throne with Jay Z.