Nordstrom Reaches Out To Mike WiLL Made-It After He Accuses Store Of Racism

Terrible! Will you please send us more info via DM? Ivanka’s father, President Donald Trump, famously tweeted at the time that his daughter had been treated “terribly” by Nordstrom. There’s been no word on whether Mike WiLL Made-It took his complaint any further, or whether Nordstrom took any action. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2017 — Mike WiLL Made It (@MikeWiLLMadeIt) April 23, 2017

@MikeWiLLMadeIt We'd like to check into this, Mike. The general Nordstrom Twitter account reached out to the man behind the number one hit in the country right now — Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” — and asked him to tell them more in their DMs. Santa Monica, CA – Super-producer Mike WiLL Made-It accused Nordstrom   Santa Monica of being “racist af” on Twitter this weekend, though he didn’t expand on the claims. My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. Yo @Nordstrom 's Santa Monica is racist af! — Nordstrom (@Nordstrom) April 23, 2017

The call-out follows hot on the heels of Drake blasting   The Madison Club in La Quinta, California as “the most offensive place I have ever stayed in my life with staff who pick and choose who they are going to accommodate based on racial profiling.”
Nordstrom featured heavily in the headlines earlier this year when they dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line from their stores over weak sales. — Donald J.