Learn How To Freestyle Better With Rapping Card Game

Going off the top is something of a lost art these days, and Vers: The Rap Game is trying to bring it back. Also, if the Kickstarter passes $100,000, Spatch Games promises to host a ballet that will be broadcast “to the entire world.”
Writing on the Kickstarter page, Spatch explained how he came up with the idea for Vers:
“I was tired of people in university saying I shouldn’t rap because it was unprofessional. The game works by players drawing two cards — one theme card, and one card that has three rhyming words on it that a player must use. The game features 400 cards. So I made the game and it’s fun and silly and everyone can play it.”
This video gives an overview of how the game works: Spatch has set up a Kickstarter to help him produce the game, and he’s already halfway toward his target of $10,000. If you’re thinking about investing in the game, a pledge of $25 or more will get you a copy. Northeastern University student Jerry Spatch has created a card game that could really help any aspiring MC work on their freestyling ability. Everywhere I went, when people heard about rap they’d think of a bunch of things that it wasn’t. For a pledge of $3,000, Jerry will visit you (provided you live in the Continental US) and   you’ll get some tea together. We’re no maths geniuses but we’re pretty sure that comes to a whole lot of combinations — meaning the game should have a great shelf-life.