Spotify & Genius Bring Popular “Behind The Lyrics” Feature To Android

Maybe it means this.’ But at the same time, music is universal. Maybe it doesn’t mean what I thought. Now, practically all Hip Hop fans can quench their thirst for knowledge equally as Spotify and Genius have released their “Behind the Lyrics” feature to Android. To celebrate the expansion to Android, Khalid is sharing the stories behind every track on his   American Teen album. The program was initially introduced to iPhone iOS last year with “Fact Tracks” where users were given anecdotes to songs right as the music played. But with this, you can see what the artist felt. The rising star shares why he believes in the program. “Genius’s Behind the Lyrics on Spotify is very helpful because it gives you insight on what the artist was thinking about when they created the record. ‘You know what? Music can mean anything you want.”
Spotify users can find the available tracks from “Behind The Lyrics” on the “Behind The Lyrics: Hip Hop” and “Today’s Top Hits” playlists. “You listen to a record, and you interpret it your own way. It also lets you think about things you didn’t think of before,” Khalid says to Spotify.