Snoop Dogg Named Celebrity Commissioner Of Summer Pro Champions Basketball League

The Champions Basketball League kicks off this Summer 2017 with 16   fully formed teams with the NY Gotham Ballers, Boston Rebellion, Philadelphia Glory, Miami Beach Kings, Orlando Juice, DC Challengers, Atlanta Speed and Detroit Powerdrive making up the Eastern Conference and Minnesota Storm, Cleveland Jammers, Chicago Hoopers, Houston Hustle, LA Superstars, Dallas Dunkers, Phoenix Power and SF Cyber Ballers [Editor’s Note: Who approved these names?] rounding out the Western Conference. “Champions Basketball League is a sports innovation for fans,” Snoop said in a press release that stated he was handpicked for his ability to “expand the visibility and fan interest of the league.”
“Champions provides exclusive and affordable access to world class basketball for fans. And fans are even able to own their own team, can’t wait to see what ya’ll do with that.”
Carl George (not to be confused with this guy), CEO of Champions Basketball League, chimed in, stating, “Snoop Dogg is at the forefront of pop culture and loved by millions across the globe, and has sold nearly 40 million records worldwide. So far, only the NY Gotham Ballers have unveiled their lineup with the likes of Kenyon Martin, Daniel Gibson and Shawn Marion among others representing on the roster. As of press time, he’s already more popular than David Stern. The newly created organization will pit recognizable names from former NBA stars together in 5-on-5 play to hold fans down as the active pros take their summer break — and Snoop will be its Celebrity Commissioner. For decades he has been an innovator with award winning albums, multiple films, lifestyle products, philanthropic efforts, TV shows and digital ventures – and we are thrilled that he will bring this depth to the League as we launch this summer.”
Upon its official tip-off, fans will be privy to $25 tickets as well as opportunities for meet-and-greet and a pre-game youth shootaround with the players. I’m looking forward to collaborating with the organization on unique ways to entertain fans and work with the league to secure celebrity partners in each of the major markets where Champions Basketball League will play this summer. For more information on the Champions Basketball League, visit Los Angeles, CA – Snoop Dogg’s knowledge for all things football has been well documented but the legendary rap star is set to collect a check for being the head of the upstart summer pro hoops league, Champions Basketball League.