Wale Dropping His “Shine” Album A Week Early, Maybe

Eager ears will be pleased to hear that D.C. I wondered why I'm not where I want to be. In an Instagram post uploaded earlier today (April 27), which is still present on the rapper’s IG, Wale stated that “If all goes well #SHiNE drops tonight.”

My whole life I chased, I dreamed, I yearned. The project was first announced in January 2016, during a pre-show for former President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. I've wrote stories I've made hits I've dropped jewels .. Before revealing the news, he referred to the feat as “something that ain’t never been done.”
“I want to do something that ain’t never been done. Maybe I was wrong all along? Shine is officially out on Friday. I've seen people I made family stab me in the back in broad day lite (we gon see u soon 😊). I’ma put my album out on Friday, yo. If all goes well #SHiNE drops tonight …
A post shared by Wale (@wale) on Apr 26, 2017 at 10:54pm PDT

Whether Shine is released this Friday or next week, it   will serve as Wale’s fifth studio album. Shine was initially intended for release next Friday (May 5), and it appears that even the rapper’s label was unaware of his plans to drop the project tomorrow. I've been lied to. I'm tryna focus on the people who TRY to understand me .good and bad .I'm constantly evolving , learning .. MC   Wale has announced that he wants to drop his latest project, titled Shine, this Friday (April 28). 🚨 🚨   one last thing… 'SHINE' IS DROPPING THIS FRIDAY, y'all heard it straight from @Wale 🚨 🚨 pic.twitter.com/ezNnsG4sC5
— Genius (@Genius) April 27, 2017

I spoke to my brother @wale and got him to move his album release date up from 5/5 to 4/28. I ain't waitin no more. Wale shared the news of an early release for Shine   during a conversation with Genius on Wednesday   (April 26). letting go of perception is a process that I've dedicated this round to .Im totally dedicated to the people who understand me right now. pic.twitter.com/DjhSrA9oY4
— Rob Markman (@RobMarkman) April 27, 2017

Despite Wale declaring that the release date has “officially” changed, there is the possibility that Wale jumped the gun on an early release. Wale reportedly attempted to persuade his label, Atlantic Records, to drop the album early, in an upload he made to Instagram, which was later deleted. I realized around "ground hog day" maybe there is nothin I can do. @GENIUS ain't it? Fuck it,” Wale said after a conversation with Genius’ Head of Artist Relations, Rob Markman. Watch the   full stream of Wale’s discussion with Genius below. In the past two years.